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Quotes to make your ex think: 14 samples

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Quotes to make your ex think: 14 samples

After a breakup, if your heart’s desire is to get back with your ex, clean the slate and start over, check out our 14 samples of quotes to make your ex think.

Because breaking up often feels like more than being just physically seperated. Not only do you find yourself on your own, but it also appears like your whole world has shifted. How could you possibly manage without him, or without her? It feels like you have lost all bearings. It’s a deep and sometimes long-lasting turmoil. So much so that you even start questioning whether breaking up was the best solution in the first place. Was it the only option, won’t you regret it? Is it too late to rethink your relationship? To get your ex back or change his mind about what happened? The good news in all of this is that we’re only human after all, and as such, we are allowed to make mistakes. So there’s nothing wrong with sending your ex a message – not to make him feel guilty or to beg, but to let him know what state of mind you are in, to share your uncertainties and your feelings. That way, you might well get him to think about giving you both another chance.

Quotes to make your ex think after a breakup: does it work or is it too late?

You probably feel it’s like sending a message in a bottle. 

True, you have to show a little faith if you want to get your ex back with a simple message. But deep down, you know that it’s not going to be easy and that you’re going to have to do more in order to communicate and rekindle the fire between the two of you.

This step is just to reestablish contact, to “read the room”. Sure, a single message to your ex can help change things, given that it’s adapted to the situation, that you send it at the right moment, that your ex is receptive to your arguments… But it will seldom suffice to rebuild a healthy relationship.

Love cannot be summoned back simply with a text, or even with a letter.

Quotes to make your ex think: when should you write and send it? 

Let’s imagine the best case scenario: you have managed not to make any behavioral mistake, namely the infamous fits of stalking and harassment that go so well with a breakup. If such is not the case however, don’t panic! We all make mistakes and there’s nothing that can’t be fixed.

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So let’s imagine that several days or weeks have gone by since the breakup and that you feel ready to try a new approach. So far you haven’t called, you have respected the traditional radio silence, in other words you have played dead.

You can now send him your message. A bombshell? No, more of an open-heart confession. A message your ex doesn’t expect.

Less that two pages, and straight to the point.

First of all, tell him that you accept the breakup. Act like someone who has truly moved on.

It is also very important that you admit your wrongs: it will show your ability to take a step back and to keep a clear head. Tell him that you are OK, get him to understand that despite your heartache, you are learning to live without having him around.

A little trick is to tell him that something good has recently happened to you, and that you will tell him all about it later (now he is curious, and you have deftly brought up the possibility of setting up a meeting).

14 sample quotes to make your ex think

“I just wanted to tell you that I accept your decision of breaking up with me. I also wanted you to know how sorry I am for what happened between the two of us. I truly regret it and I wish to apologize if I have hurt you.” 

“Some good news nonetheless! Something really funny happened to me recently. Life is weird, right? I would enjoy sharing it with you, after we let a little time pass. You and I need some space right now.” 

 The mysterious event will stir his curiosity and make him want to speak with you again. It will gently mess with his head and he will increasingly believe that it was he alone who ruined your relationship.

Note that you will have to follow a few simple rules. Make sure you don’t use his nickname, but his first name only. And don’t use yours either, remember that you’re not together anymore!

Under no circumstances must you mention anything that happened between you that could have hurt him – unless you are intentionally aiming at disaster!

Message to get your ex back: what should you do after you send it? 

First of all, don’t freak out if he doesn’t answer right away, respect his radio silence. Play dead for at least two days and activate Zero Contact Mode. 

Imagine what your ex would think of you if he sent you a text message the next day and you answered :

“Ah! I’m glad you answered! I missed you so much!” 

Your ex would think it was all a trap. He will realize you haven’t put the breakup behind you at all, that you are still emmotionaly dependent and that you aren’t anywhere close to letting him live his life without you freely.

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It’s a long-term process and you will need to be patient! Don’t forget that as noble as your intentions might be, it still is some form of manipulation!

Texts you can send your ex to make him think: getting him back still requires time and effort

A breakup never happens by accident. Some fault lies in at least one of you. You have to deal with these problems in order to move on, and a single message in itself is just not going to cut it. The change that you are going through will have to be felt in your behavior face to face.

How to get your ex back with a text message: other examples 

Finding excuses to reconnect

“That was you at the station right? Where were you off to?!”

“I ate that dish you used to make all the time, it reminded me of how good a cook you are… Any chance of you making an extra helping tonight?”

“Hey! The radio was playing your favorite song and it made me think about you. I hope you’re OK.”

You can also send a picture with a short comment

“Remember this place?” (for example, use a picture of that place where you had fits of laughter and just couldn’t stop) 

“Summer’s on its way and as I went outside I remembered the time we went for a walk alongside the river near your place. It was a good feeling!” 

Communicate face to face to relieve tension 

Nothing can replace a face to face conversation. Your “live” actions will be the most important part of your battle plan. Because its difficult to always convey the right feelings behind a screen, and it would be a shame to make matters worse just because you forgot a comma or a smiley face a got misunderstood.

So you shouldn’t be afraid to meet him in person. Because that’s the moment you will truly change things and wake up your ex’s feelings.

I grant you that it’s no walk in the park, and feeling some stress at the idea of seeing your ex again is understandable, but it’s for your own good. The relationship can’t just be about what’s virtual. The important exchanges, the ones that make a love story evolve, must happen face to face to have the expected impact.

Quotes to make your ex think : the point of romantic reconnection

You can’t just turn the page and live in regret for years, so it’s important that you take action and come up with an effective plan.

 A good technique for reconnecting or staying in touch? 

For many people, texting seems to be the prefered way of reaching out to an ex. But sometimes you don’t make the best choices in what you write and don’t achieve what you were going for. So it’s only normal that you are wondering: what should I do if I want us to reconnect?

Because when you’re texting your ex, unless your aim is purely for you two to be friends, you are trying to get him back. You won’t settle for anything less than a date, a compliment or even that smile you miss so much.

However, after a breakup, setting up a date or even being able to explain yourself face to face is not easy. You must first recreate some attraction and “deserve” this rendez-vous. And in that context, you need an original and effective method that will convince your ex either to come back to you, or to think about the future of your emotional relationship.

Do you read me? 

A handwritten letter, radio silence, and in truth any other technique to get an ex back… they all share some kind of “risk”, and yet they are the most effective methods for getting back with that special someone. You need to act boldly after a breakup, because love declarations just won’t cut it.

There are dozens of possibilities when you’re looking at sending your ex a message to make him think, win him back or allow yourself another chance.

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Some people will tell you not to text your ex, and others will deem it important that you show how much you miss him/her.

Sending a text to reconnect with your ex can be an interesting approach. Simple, nonaggressive, without strings… texting has multiple advantages. But nonetheless, writing a text to your ex isn’t the most easiest thing in the world.

Finding the right words, coining a good phrase without showing too much attachment or sounding somewhat threatening can prove to be difficult.

Quotes to make your ex think and texting ideas to try and get your ex back 

When using a text message, simply tell him that you’re thinking about him, that you would enjoy hearing from him and/or that you still love him.

I was born the day we met. I have lived during our love. I died the day we said goodbye… 

I miss you so much! I am heartbroken! Let’s put back together the wonderful couple we used to be! I love you! 

Ever since we parted ways, many people told me “Plenty of fish in the sea”. But I would happily drain the ocean to find you again! 

You only really want something when you’ve lost it. Ever since you walked out of my life, I am submerged by all the love I had for you, and you never leave my thoughts. 

I cannot unsay the words I spoke. I cannot go back in time. But what I can do is tell you how truly sorry I am. Please, please accept my apologies. 

I so wish I could make what happened go away, but that’s impossible, so I wanted to say sorry for having hurt you the way I did. Please come back. 

I’m sorry I made you suffer, I’m sorry I haven’t listened, I’m sorry I’ve been so crappy time after time after time. I can only say one thing: I love you. 

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