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How to make your ex regret leaving you : The powerful method

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How to make your ex regret leaving you : The powerful method

If you’re a little (a lot) angry at your ex for leaving you and you want to make him regret his decision while staying within the boundries of the law, discover our powerful method and advice below! Here are advice to make your ex regret leaving you !

Making your ex regret : What does it mean?

If you want to make your ex regret having left you, it probably means you’re having a hard time dealing with the breakup. And especially that you’re angry at him because breaking up with you was his decision.

Wanting to make him regret shows you’re suffering and bitter because of the breakup, and that you want to throw back those feelings to your ex’s face in order to feel better… at least that’s what you think. Loosely translating what you feel would would probably give you a sentence like this : “I want to make him suffer like I suffer now so that he realizes how miserable he’s made me”. Here’s the thing though : that approach just shows that you have trouble living without him. Trying to make you ex jealous, or seeking revenge, will only give you a fake impression of “happiness” instead of allowing yourself to move forward and to quickly turn the page, and could also make you lose several weeks of your time, or even months. The best solution, or at any rate the one we offer you, is to make your life about you again, about your plans, about what makes you happy, and to leave the past behind.

Besides, it might be that you want to make him regret his choice because deep down, you only want one thing : to win him back! If such is the case, trying to get him to regret his decision may not be the best idea. If he has loved you and desperately wanted to be with you before, it’s because he deeply loved the person you were, and making him regret with various techniques such as making him/her jealous, could well end up affecting the vision your ex has of you and comfort him in his choice of breaking up with you.

For some, wanting to make your ex regret is a sign of immaturity, for others it’s a step within the breakup that can prove necessary in order to reach acceptance.

Is it a good idea?

It can seem human to want to make your ex regret having left you… However is it a good idea? Is there anything you can hope to get out of it, other than frustration or ill-being? For it to work, for one thing, there has to be regrets… and that might not be the case if his decision has been carefully thought through and if he’s clearly explained to you the reasons for his choice.

If your ex is rather stubborn, slightly egocentric or very proud, it could prove difficult to make him regret his choice at all.

It may not be a good idea if you want to get him back…

Nobody would want to get back together with a person who wants to hurt him.

By trying to make him regret his decision, you must know that you risk driving him away and inducing the opposite result of what you were hoping for.

The best thing to get back with your ex would first be honesty towards him, to tell him clearly that you still have feelings for him and that you want to move forward together by finding a form of relationship you could both enjoy. Then, once that is achieved, to show him that you’re keeping your chin up and thinking about yourself and your personal goals.

Making you ex regret : Don’ts

Don’t hurt him

You’re already both suffering after this breakup, and you’re both trying in your own way to keep your heads above water… So there’s no point in rubbing salt into the wound, unless you want to waste both your time and your energy!

Don’t act like a child

It’s by respecting yourself and keeping your dignity that you can make him regret having left you. If you go nuclear, throw a tantrum or behave like a child, there is absolutely no way your ex will want to come back to you, and your immaturity will only further justify his choice!

Don’t do anything you’re going to regret later

After a breakup, it’s normal to think a lot about the relationship, and sometimes, paranoia kicks in… My best advice would be to set your phone aside for a while (if that’s possible for you). That way you won’t pounce on it everytime a text dings, hoping against hope it might be him, and you won’t spy on him all day and all night on social media either!

Other word of advice, don’t call your ex if you’ve had too much to drink! As much as the idea of doing so might appeal to you on the moment, you will regret it the next morning when you remember the content of the conversation!

Making your ex regret : Dos

Do show him that your life doesn’t depend on him

You have your own life, so show him that you are moving forward and not allowing yourself to be held back. If you aren’t on speeking terms anymore, share your new activities on Facebook or any other social network.

Do dress up sexy

When you know you’re going to run into him, choose your outfit with care! That way you can captivate his attention and maybe even rekindle the attraction he used to feel for you!

Do go out with your friends

Go out and party with your fiends and share the pics on Facebook! He will see that you don’t need him in order to have fun and that you’re not staying at home crying every night while thinking about the old days!

Do meet new people and surround yourself with male friends he doesn’t know

That way, he will start wondering what the exact nature of your relationship to those new people is. Are they friends? Lovers? Sex friends? Is one of them your new boyfriend? Lots of questions could go through his head!

I hope this article helped you sort out what to do and what to avoid at all cost in order to make your ex regret having left you. Whatever happens next with your ex, I hope you will feel better and that your path will lead to happiness once more!

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