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Texts to make a girl laugh : 7 funny and lovely messages for her

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Texts to make a girl laugh : 7 funny and lovely messages for her

You want to make your girlfriend laugh with a text but you kind of lack the know how, so check out our 10 funny and lovely messages for her! Let go and laugh together! Even if your message makes no sens, your loving sweetheart might be touched by the attention! Here are a few examples of texts to make a girl laugh! Get ready for 1 minute of fun!

Texts to make a girl laugh : 7 funny and lovely messages for her

Honey!! I just passed in front of a sex shop (don’t ask why ^^) and there was that couple hovering and not daring to go inside! So cute! Just hope they’re not going to come across that weird video with the goats and the platypus like we did!

I was at the coffee place with some friends talking about the next elections when my tongue totally slipped…! I said “erection” instead of “election”!! So embarrassing…! They all laughed of course! Anywho as you can see you tend to haunt my thoughts…! <3

Oh my god! I was sitting at my desk at the office when a colleague shows up and asks how the holidays went! Not thinking, I pick up my phone to show him some photos and what do we see!? Our photos from Croatia at the nudist colony! Totally panicked, I swiped to the next but there were loads of them! When at last I find an innocent one, I just tried acting natural and pretending nothing had happened but I was so embarrassed…! Anywho, don’t be surprised if he gives you the raised eyebrow when he comes over on saturday…!

Some girl sent me a message saying “come to my place, there’s nobody there”. So I rushed to her place. And there was nobody there. LOL it made me laugh but don’t you ever do that! xD

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Funny message exchanges with your girlfriend :

Me : “I never thought you would do that…”

Her : “That I would do what?”

Me : “That you would love me so much! 😀 <3 Haha Gotcha! Your boyfriend who loves you and who is very proud of his dumb joke! But by now I guess you’re used to that ^^ OK fine… boyfriend out.”

Telling your day in a goofy way

Telling your day in both an epic and goofy way : nothing tops that to surprise your girlfriend or to buy yourself a one way ticket to the psych ward :

Her : “Hey sweetheart? Had a good day?”

Me : “Extraordinary! I’ve been all over town looking for a Christmas tree! And I’ve found one! So beautiful! It was tough bringing it home and then I wanted to decorate it! But I had forgotten we don’t have any ornaments so… I went all DIY! So don’t be surprised if you can’t find the strainer or toilet paper… it’s normal! You’re gonna be impressed! In any case I’m very happy with myself! And then I got kind of bored and so I decided to chase the cat! As you can see, a busy day for your nutty boyfriend! How about you sweetheart?”

And I kept the most WTF for the end (because sometimes it’s pointless to try to understand…) :

I’m going wee wee and I love you!

I hope these light hearted and WTF texts made you smile and that it wasn’t too embarrassing laughing on your own in the subway! See you soon for a new article!

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