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Love text messages: 30 examples

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Love text messages: 30 examples

It’s always time for some love filled text messages for your other half, and if you find yourself fresh out of ideas, perhaps you ought to check out our 30 love text messages examples.

You have barely crossed the theshold and already you miss your other half. Your lover, your sweetheart, your husband, your girlfriend… Whatever the label, you miss him/her and you want to let it be known through the sweet medium of a love message. It’s a little thing, but it’s also always a welcome surprise! Receiving unexpected love messages is always a pleasure. Always touching. You might think it as a small gesture, but love is a great magnifier. It is essential for a couple to share the love with words regularly, it is a huge part of keeping passion going.

Love text messages : 30 love messages for your other half

All of my love is for you, I will love you from this day until the end of eternity. 

To me, my love, the sound of your voice is the purest of melodies.

When we are together I feel good and I understand that you are the one I love.

I only ever feel at home when I am with you.

Your smile brings me back to life, you are unique, I could never live without you, I promise I will do everything it takes to make you happy. 

Your crazyness has taken hold of my feelings and my life, I never want to feel sane ever again! 

I am drowning in your love as it takes me far away through dreams of happiness. 

When I write for you, my words are filled with love and passion. 

I am here for you my love. To love you, take you in my arms and protect you from everything. I am also here to receive your love in return. I am here because I couldn’t live without you my love. 

All my love, all my thoughts, will be for you and you alone. 

A lot of charm, a pretty smile, you are the one I love. 

The sweet music of your voice flows gently through my heart in scented notes of happiness. 

The few words of love that I’m sending you are nothing compared to the love I have for you. 

I locked you up inside my heart, and now it seems I’ve lost the key. 

Each day spent together is paradise, but each day apart is a living hell. 

I have everything except you, so really I have nothing… 

My love for you is as great as the stars in the sky are numerous. 

Our love is like a gentle breeze, I can’t see it but I can feel it. 

If you were a flower, I would plant you in my heart and nurture you everyday. 

Not a day goes by without my realizing of how lucky I am of having you near me and to share the love that is ours. 

Romantic messages for your other half

I can’t help thinking about you all the time and wherever I am. You are always in my heart and in my soul. I love you. 

When you draw a smile upon your lips, mine offer them a lover’s kiss. 

I love you like we love the sun: without it the world would be a dark cold place… You are the woman who makes my world more beautiful, your love makes all my dreams come true! I love you, this world wouldn’t be mine without you. 

You are the star that twinkles in my eyes, I am blinded by your beauty everytime I look at you. 

Loving you without knowing you may be possible, but knowing you without loving you is not… 

Many people call me [first name], but you’re the only one who makes it sound so special. 

Don’t leave me, don’t let go of my hand, because I know I wouldn’t be able to survive your absence. 

As soon as I hear your name, I discreetly look up and steel a glimpse of the stars twinkling in your eyes. 

I just want time to stand still as I nuzzle against your heart. 

I live life at 100% when you’re with me, but when you’re not it’s like my life is on pause, like some evil is eating at my insides when I miss you. 

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