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Love messages : 20 love text messages for him

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Love messages : 20 love text messages for him

Today we have 20 love messages for your man, because when you’ve got him under your skin, there’s no holding back!

Wether you are demonstrative or reserved, romantic or passionate, telling and especially writing your feelings to the one you love is a whole part of your relationship. In the day and age of texts and instant messaging, sending a love message to your man is quick and easy. Not necessarily for a special occasion but simply to make his day more beautiful and to remind him how he makes you feel, in order to keep the fire burning bright within your couple.

20 love messages for your man 

“Your smile and your presence by my side are fuel to my joy. Thanks to you, I am happy and my life is bright with color. To me you are the one and only, I could never live without you, I love you more than anything in the world combined.” 

“When I woke up this morning, the vacant pillow beside me was a painful reminder of the emptiness that sleep had kept at bay last night. I miss you and I can’t wait to see you again. Just one more night without you, my love. Hurry. Till then, know that I’m thinking of you and that I love you.” 

“When we are together and you hold my hand, it makes me so happy that I forget where you begin and where I end. Together, we are one and you can’t begin to imagine how complete I feel when I am with you.”

“Meeting you was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Ever since, thanks to you and to us, I am a woman both fulfilled and in love. Thank you for seeing me as the one who can make you happy in return. I love you.”

“I have tried to make pretty metaphors, to find the perfect quote to describe our love. But nothing is strong enough to express all the love I have for you. And sometimes the simplest of words are the most meaningful. You and me just had to be. You are the love of my life.” 

“If I was asked where I wanted to spend all of eternity, the answer would be simple, in your arms. Because I can’t imagine myself away from you, without you near me. You are my pillar, my shoulder, my half, my other, my everything. You are the man of my life, my love.”

“Ever since we are together, I have never been more myself. I feel peaceful, fulfilled, happy. Thanks to you, I can be sincere and natural. I simply feel confident. There is no filter between us, no taboo, nothing that remains unsaid. Thank you for all of this honesty and love. I love you.” 

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Butterflies in my tummy, shallow breathing, twinkling eyes, heart beating faster and faster. They used to be neat metaphors but nothing real for me. I thought it was false, that it would be vain to believe. Until I met you. And until I fell for you without ever wanting to get back up. And ever since, I feel the burn when you’re away, I get impatient when I don’t see you, my heart beats like a drum when I know you’re on your way back. Thanks to you, I experience new sensations, beautiful emotions and incredible feelings. Thank you for stepping into my life, thank you for your love. I’m crazy for you.” 

“You are the man who knew how to erase the sufferings of my past. The one who made me discover love, true love. Life flows without a hitch with you. Full of little nothings and beautiful surprises that make me happy. My only wish is that it lasts forever. Thank you sweetheart, I love you.”

“From dawn till dusk, from dusk till dawn, I think of you. I tried to stop but I just can’t! There you are, like an image before my eyes that won’t go away. And after all, what good is fighting if deep down I don’t want to? I love that sensation, I love being with you. I love the love we have for each other and that makes me so happy. So thank you for all of that, Honey, I love you.” 

10 other love messages for your man :

“When you’re not around, I can feel the void, this huge emptiness that takes hold of me. Not that I am dependent of our couple, but I realize how much our love is at the center of my life. My dreams, my plans, it’s with you that I want them to come true. Without you, my world is grey, dull, flavorless. Meaningless. I’m so happy to be sharing your life.”

“You are the man of my days and of my nights. Of my dreams and of my life. When I close my eyes to fall asleep, you appear to me in thought. When I wake up in the morning, you are the first person on my mind. And knowing that the feeling is mutual fills me up with joy. Thank you for all this love.” 

“You have become my pillar, my point of reference. A shoulder to cry on, an ear to whisper into. Whatever happens, wether happy or sad, I want to share it with you. It has become second nature, I think about you without even realizing it, that’s how much you are part of me. Our love brings me so much. You make me a happy woman. I’m utterly in love with you.” 

“Before meeting you, I felt incomplete. There was something missing in my life, a hollow, a vacant space. It was a permanent sensation. Like my life was a puzzle. And ever since you are part of it, you have filled this hollow, this void, and there is emptiness no more. You are my missing piece. The one meant to be right there near me, by my side, in my life.”

“Loving you is like breathing. I can’t stop and I need it to survive. Not loving you anymore, that would be like living incompletely, not truly existing. Thank you for all this shared love.”

“You cheer me up when I feel blue, you share my joy when I am happy, you are with me throughout my life in the good times and the bad. Living alongside you is beautiful. I love you my love.”

“You are everything to me : my man, my husband, my best friend, my confidant, my lover. The only person who knows me by heart and on which I can count whatever happens. I am happy to be your wife, I love you.” 

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“Honey, you bring out the best in me. I feel good when I am at your side. And I wanted to thank you for it. Our love makes me happy. I love you so much.”

“My love, I want you to know that I am here for you, in the good times and the bad. I love the strong man you are, but also the one who lets go and gives in to his emotions. Never feel that you don’t have to be yourself around me. You are an exceptional man and I love you.” 

“Time goes by but my feelings are unyielding. They are engraved in my heart itself. I am happy to be sharing my life with you, you are essential to my happiness. I love you madly.” 

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