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Happy birthday letter to mom from her daughter : A moving letter

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Happy birthday letter to mom from her daughter : A moving letter

I write a happy birthday letter to mom every year, and she considers them to be the most moving gifts she could hope to receive from her daughter, so if you’re looking for inspiration, check out what mine looks like!

You’re never too old to write a love letter for your mom’s birthday. It’s the kind of simple little beautiful thing that brings mothers so much joy. I’m a grownup now and yet I still find wishing a happy birthday to my mom with a few sweet and well chosen words as important as ever. Tradition, education, wanting to please or pure and simple love, the reasons are multiple. The only thing that matters is making her happy and thanking her for everything.

Happy birthday letter to mom from her daughter


 I’m writing you this letter, first of all, to wish you a wonderful birthday. It’s always a pleasure for me to write these few words of love for this special occasion, for this day that is yours. Year after year, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. 

Already when I was a little girl, I remember the joy I felt when I was hiding to draw you pictures or writing my first messages with my pencils and crayolas on small sheets of paper that I then folded in half to give to you at the same time as you were blowing out the candles on your cake. 

Today the words have evolved a bit, pretty cards and stationery have replaced my clumsy childhood pictures and glue-work, but the feelings behind them remain the same. 

You often hear that mothers day is the prime occasion to reaffirm the love you bear for your mom, and it indeed fits the purpose. But your birthday… is your day! And that’s what makes all of this so special. 

As you grow up, you develop a form of shyness of words and gestures that sometimes prevents you from being demonstrative and from saying what you really feel. Saying I love you, saying thank you to your mother, to your parents, is often more difficult when you have become an adult. 

 And yet I deem it so important. 

I truly think that pairing words with emotions and feelings is one of the greatest things you can do to convey all the love you feel for someone who matters, someone who has always been there for you. 

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I haven’t found a better way of celebrating your birthday and reaffirming the love of the little girl for her mom, the love of the woman of today to her mother. 

 So yes, I could come up with many examples from my childhood, thousands of memories that have accompanied me up to this day and that have made it possible for the mother-daughter bond to still be as strong as ever. 

I could list so many of your qualities, the values you have passed on to me, to demonstrate how wonderful a mother you are. 

Or praise your kindness, your gentleness, your generosity, the goodness of your soul, your availability, your support, the way you always listen to me and so many other things I can think of on this special day. 

Today I want to pay homage to you, the homage or a girl to her mother. So sure I am older now, but it is you who made me grow, by always being there to offer me your help and support along the way. Years have passed and you have always been there for me, you have never left me stranded all alone.

Without you, I wouldn’t be the woman I am now nor the mother I am trying to become day after day ; you are and will always be my role model. 

 I could tell you so many things, find so many reasons for thanking you and even more for telling you how much I love you, even though you already know that. 

So I’m just going to end this letter by wishing you once again a very beautiful birthday, I am happy to be there to celebrate it with you. 

May your day be gentle, full of joy, surprises, moments of happiness shared as a family. May it bring amazing new memories to our photo album. 

XOXOXO as well as all my love, happy birthday mom. 

 Your loving daughter” 

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