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Emotional letter for mother’s day : A beautiful love letter

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Emotional letter for mother’s day : A beautiful love letter

If today is Mother’s Day, why not write a nice emotional love letter to your mom! If you’re fresh out of inspiration, you’re in luck, because here is a letter for Mother’s Day!

Emotional letter for mother’s day :

My little Mama,

I don’t tell you often enough and I know I shouldn’t wait for Mother’s Day to say it, but I love you. Yes, I love you more than anything. I miss you more than you can imagine, and ever since I moved out of the house, moments together have become so rare! But despite that, I think about you everyday, I think back upon our wonderful memories, our fits of laughter and cuddle times. We grow up, time goes by, but fortunately memories stay.

And despite the adult I am today, I will always be a child when I think of my Mama! You represented perfection as you took care of me, you supported me through difficult or joyous times! It’s true it hasn’t always been easy… I regret so much the harsh words I threw to you face as a rebel teenager… But even then, you didn’t hold any grudge.

It’s not always easy growing up, I may be an adult but sometimes I still wish my mom would hold me in her arms and whisper “don’t worry, everything is going to be OK”. In which case I find the strength to move forward alone, imagining what your comforting words would have been!

Thank you for everything Mama, thank you for having brought me into this world, for having told me you were proud of me, for having granted me such freedom while always having my back.
If I had the possibility of starting over and of choosing my family, I wouldn’t change a thing : you at my side (and a little help from Dad)!

Never change!

Your daughter who loves you.

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