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Letter to my son on his birthday : A beautiful letter

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Letter to my son on his birthday : A beautiful letter

Sometimes a beautiful letter is worth all the presents in the world, so check out this “Letter to my son on his birthday”, and give yours a souvenir he will be able to read and reread for years and years to come.

Writing to your son, if you don’t count the occasional post-it on the fridge to remind him of something, a text if he’s old enough to have a cell phone or a birthday card, is, for many parents, and of course moms, kind of rare. But for his birthday, why not replace the text or funny little birthday card with a nice love letter? For a birthday as important as his 18th, or any other, regardless of the number of candles on his cake. His birthday is a beautiful occasion to write him a real letter. A love letter for your son’s birthday to remind him how much you love him. To assure him of your presence and to give him an emotional souvenir.

Letter to my son on his birthday

“My son/ his first name or nickname/ sweetheart/ snookums/ dumpling/ my precious, 

(or anything else you’ve been calling him since he was born, so long as it’s loving) 

Today is a very special day for you – your birthday! A day you always positively look forward to, that much hasn’t changed since you were little. What cake will you want, will there be a theme, what presents, who will be there in the family? 

It has made me happy year after year to see your eyes twinkle and your smile widen as the big day was approaching. 

To see the magic is still there after all these years. 

It goes beyond gifts, beyond blowing out the candles on your cake, I am happy to make it a special moment for you, for us. I am proud to feel that you too enjoy celebrating it with your loving family around you. 

In time you have grown out of your favorite cartoon character/ knight/ pirate/ superhero themed cakes… 

But tradition lived on and the mom I am will keep making the cake of your choice for your birthday. It has become our thing. 

You impatiently waiting for the first guests to arrive while I’m bustling and baking in the kitchen. You coming in to lick the batter (chocolate more often than not) and to help finalize it, though I always managed to keep the final surprise a mistery until the end. Us together setting the table prettily. You trying to guess what’s hiding beneath the colorful wrapping paper. 

All of them little things, and all of them terribly precious. Because if it’s a special day for you, it also is for me. It reminds me of the day you were born, and of all these beautiful memories we made for each one of your birthdays. 

It is on that day that I realize even more just how lucky I am to have you as my son. A little boy who grows up true and strong, who has brains and heart and who knows, despite the passing of the years, how to keep his childhood soul intact. And who keeps on sharing with me his emotions and feelings, through kisses, hugs, and “I love you mom”s. 

Watching you grow up fills me with pride and love. 

If with this letter I first and foremost wanted to wish you a happy birthday, I also wanted to take advantage of it to say thank you, and I love you. 

Thank you for all these moments of complicity and happpiness together. You have given me the most beautiful of roles by entering my life, the role of “Mom”, and I feel richer with your love every day. I am happy to be able to help you grow. To be there to comfort, encourage and reassure you. And I will never stop taking care of you. 

Never, not ever, will I cease loving you. Know that the love I bear you is stronger than everything and that you have fulfilled me as a mom. 

Allow me to wish you once again a  very beautiful birthday. Enjoy your day, all these little nothings, these simple things that make for a great shared happiness. Together. 

My love for you is unconditional a

nd unalterable.

Here and there. Forever and ever. I love you…”to infinity and beyond!”, as you used to say when you were little. 

Happy birthday my son. Stay true to yourself, you are a wonderful son and an awesome man in the making. I am proud of you and happy that we share such a strong bond. 

I love you infinitely, more than words could explain.” 

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