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Moving on letter to your ex boyfriend

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Moving on letter to your ex boyfriend

Writing a moving on letter to your ex boyfriend is no walk in the park. The steps you have to take between breaking up and being your own true self again are painful. Wether you are at the origin of the breakup or have “fallen victim” to it, you have to learn how to turn the page in order to start a new chapter of your love life. To achieve that, writing a letter to your ex in order to get closure can prove very useful. Wether it is to get the other to understand that there is nothing left to hope for or for yourself, so as to help you get better and move on. Here is a little bit of advice and an example of a letter you can write to your ex when in the process of moving on.

Moving on letter to ex boyfriend : a few essential tips 

The basic rules regarding the form of your letter 

His first name and nothing else

You are no longer a couple. So this letter should start with his first name, and not with his old nickname or any other cute way you had of calling him. That belongs to the past, you are no longer intimate.

The signature

Same as for the introduction, you end the letter by signing with your first name, and not with the old cute nickname he coined at the beginning of your relationship. And you can forget about being overly affectionate : don’t write “XOXOXO” or “see you soon” to your ex! A “good luck” or “I wish you all the best” will suffice, or a “take care” if you are in good terms are the limits not to cross.

It’s not an administrative form

This letter comes after a breakup or confirms it, the goal is to move on. Distanciating yourself emotionally is important, but you aren’t writing an official letter. Don’t end it with the formal “Best regards ; Yours sincerely” etc… it’s just pathetic! You’re better off using what’s listed in the previous paragraph.

Not too short, not too long

A letter isn’t a text message, but neither is it a novel. If what you have to write fitted in a text, there would be no point in writing a letter. And as for too long, it would be counter productive to write pages and pages of monologue.

The basic rules regarding the content of your letter 

Eyes on the prize

First of all, you have to focus on the reason for which you are writing this letter. Don’t digress, keep in mind that you need this in order to move on.

It is not a love letter

Whichever reasons led to your seperation, you two are over. Now is not the time to dwell on happy memories, regrets or feelings.

No useless reproaches

Also, even though it’s a letter to turn the page, to break up for good, falling back into endless reproaches will never be constructive. In order to move on completely, you have to let go of blame as well.

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Be clear about your intentions

You are not writing to get your ex back, but to affirm that you are moving on. So don’t leave any space for a foot in the door, don’t talk about a break, don’t use the conditional tense. Things should be said in the present, and there should be no room for an “and if”. If the future tense is employed, it should be the singular “I”, not the “we”.

Writing a letter to your ex to move on  : a letter example 

“{His first name}, 

I wanted to write you this letter in order to move on serenely and for good from our relationship. I need this. Maybe it’s selfish, maybe you will find it strange, but to me it is necessary in order to put all of this behind. To say goodbye and to turn the page. 

I hope you will understand that, but if you deem this letter useless, it will at least have allowed me to end this chapter of my life, body and soul. To find closure. 

 That being said, I’m not throwing our shared history down the drain. I have and will always have respect for what we have lived together. Only it now belongs to the past, and you can’t move on if you keep looking over your shoulder. I know it, you know it too, we’ve had our chance, we’ve had good times as well as bad ones, just like any other couple. But we didn’t have what it takes to go any further. 

I have accepted it and no one is to blame. Not you, not me, not life. It is so, some stories are meant to last a lifetime, others aren’t, and tearing ourselves apart won’t lead us anywhere. 

I didn’t give up, I didn’t resign, I have simply accepted the unavoidable truth. We deserve way better, you and me both, than hurting each other, suffering, wasting our time with a relationship that will never bloom. 

Yes, you and I deserve better than to stay together out of fear of being destoyed if we ever break up. 

I have understood and accepted it. It’s a grieving process of sorts. And it’s time for me to turn the page and allow myself to start a new one. 

Ever since we broke up, I’ve been going forward, and I hope you have too. I see the future as a blank canvas to fill. And we both know there’s no point in trying to save something that doesn’t exist anymore, or believing in feelings that are long gone. 

Today, I am at peace with our story, and with you. I feel no anger towards you, or towards us. And regrets are simply not my thing. 

I will keep our best memories together somewhere inside of me, it is not my goal to erase them entirely. They are part of me, part of my life. If I am who I am today, it is also because I have fully lived our story. 

And so there is no place for reproach, doubt, blame, bitterness, regret, remorse. I’m not saying there has never been any, but simply that the time to care about what didn’t work is behind us, long gone. 

And so after thinking things through, I have taken ink and paper to write our closing chapter. To say goodbye. And to ask you to understand and respect it. I’m not asking you to do the same, to each his own way of deeling with a breakup. 

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I will repect your silence or your words in the same way that I hope you will repect mine. That’s all I’m asking for : respect. As far as I’m concerned, I will stand true to my word, and so this is goodbye. 

I wish you good luck and all the best for what lies on your path ahead. 

{Your first name}” 

We wish our advice will help you to write a moving on letter to your ex boyfriend.

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