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Happy birthday love letter to my love : A romantic and emotional love letter

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Happy birthday love letter to my love : A romantic and emotional love letter

A love letter to wish your sweetheart a happy birthday? Have a look at this happy birthday love letter !

Happy birthday love letter

You are turning 18 today and I wanted to take advantage of this wonderful occasion to tell you how much I love you. We have been together for over four months now, and for over four months you have filled me up with joy and I’m living a dream. I feel so right in your arms, you have the power to glue me to your side.
They told me love comes and goes. They told me don’t get attached, it’s not worth it. They told me plenty of fish in the sea. They told me you can have several, it’s really fun, you’ll see! They told me love hurts, love will make you cry. They told me love creates jealousy. They told me there’s no point in loving. They told me friendship is more sacred. They told me a lot of things… I will tell you one today : if that is what they think, then they have never known love. Because I know that ever since I’ve been with you, happiness broke into my life. And even if someday I should suffer, I presently would die of love for you. I would rather live all these incredible moments to the fullest, because I will only live them once, and there is no time to waste!
Baby, you are my daily happiness, there is no routine with you! You are the remedy I need every time my soul is wounded, you are the one who makes me live unforgettable and sometimes crazy moments. Cuddling up against you, feeling your warmth take over my body, seeing your eyes twinkle even in the dark, allowing your hand to wander across my body, sleeping with my head against your heart and feeling it beat, hearing “I love you” whispered into my ear… All the little things that bring me so much joy.
I know we are young, but I hope our story lives on through the hundreds of chapters we write together. And that we will never close that book. For the time being, I’m taking advantage of every minute spent near you. Today, you will blow out your eighteen candles and I will be there to see it, and I hope I will also be there when you blow out your last. I love you angel, you are my everything!
And again happy birthday!

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