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Valentines day love letter : An emotional sample letter

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Valentines day love letter : An emotional sample letter


Valentines day is coming up fast and we have prepared an emotional sample love letter just for the occasion! Let it not be said that you were somewhat out of ideas to make your sweetheart smile! Here is my Valentines day love letter.

Valentines day love letter

My Love, my angel, my everything, 

I would have never thought that I would one day find my missing half, a second part that fits so perfectly with the first. I’m literally swimming in happiness and it’s all thanks to you ; you complete me, you make me feel fulfilled. You knew how to repare me, you found and picked up all the scattered pieces that had been treaded on, and you glued them back together, made me smile again, taught me the definition of the verb “to love”. Too great and powerful are my feelings for me to describe them. I am proud and happy to grow at your side, I love making plans with you, talking about the future together. You have made me stronger, more confident. I believe in myself once more, I believe in us, I am no longer afraid of the future, I feel protected and safe near you. 

I love everything about you, I love you by heart.

Yes, I love your smile, your scent, your eyes when they dive into mine, your skin against my own, your hand through my hair, the way you nuzzle into my neck, the faces you make, I love your mannerism, I love to see you happy. What could be more beautiful in life than sharing it with the right person? And that person is you, I am certain of it. I can no longer imagine my life away from you. You are my all included: my love, my friend, my confidant and my lover. It’s like our bodies have been created to come together as one. You are the love that anybody should be lucky enough to know. 

I want to end this letter by saying thank you. Thank you for everything that you have done for me, for the joy you bring me daily. I haven’t always been the happiest of women, I have been hurt more than once as love came into play, but you knew right away how to show me that it was real, and that I simply hadn’t really felt it before I met you. Thank you for being you, for being real. 

Happy Valentines day my love, I love you and always will! 

I hope you liked my Valentines day love letter et I hope it inspired you !

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