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Texting games to play with your boyfriend/girlfriend over the phone

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Texting games to play with your boyfriend/girlfriend over the phone

If you and your sweetheart are far away from each other, here are our texting games to play with your boyfriend over the phone! Because sending adorable texts to say how much you miss him is good, but having fun with your boyfriend and sharing a special moment of interaction with him is better! So here are our top 5 texting games :

Texting games to play with your boyfriend/girlfriend over the phone

1/ Blind test

No need for an app, or even for the internet! Each in turn, you send a few lines from a song, and the receiver has to guess the title and artist! Try to beat the other at who has the greatest musical culture! Bonus round : choose romantic lyrics (you can even up the difficulty and go for foreign languages) and enjoy a loving moment of musical declarations!!

2/Never ending story

A game that will call upon your creativity, be original! One of you starts a story, the other continues it, then the first one again and so on… Each in turn, try to shape up your story! Maybe you can make up your mind beforehand on theme or context to be able to take your story as far as possible… Just like with the blind test, you can take advantage of this game to convey more or less subtle messages to your sweetheart! 😉

3/Truth or dare

Does it still need introducing? THE game you used to play with your group of teen friends that brought out all the secrets! Granted that with a text, the “Dare” option can be complicated, but you can always keep some in store for the next time you see each other!! A game that can easily take a naughty turn… While giving you the opportunity to get some intel on your boyfriend!

4/Kiss, marry, kill

This charming title hides a simple game : name three famous people (actors, stars, artists, singers etc…), and your sweetheart chooses who he kisses, who he marries and who he kills. It’s then his turn to give three names… Okay needless to say all of this is fiction so no need to take anything to seriously! But it’s a fun way of getting to know your partner’s behavior and tastes better!

5/Photo contest

Wether they’re yours or not, you exchange pictures from your gallery, or found on the web and have a contest for the most hilarious, the cutest, craziest etc… The only limit for categories is your imagination! When you have decided who’s the winner… you can decide what’s the prize!

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