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Emotional Thank You Letter To My Stepmom

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Emotional Thank You Letter To My Stepmom

Emotional thank you letter to my stepmom : your’re looking for a thank you letter for your stepmom who has greatly contributed to your education? You were lucky enough to have a stepmom who took good care of you the way your mother would have and today you want to thank her for everything? Here is an example of a thank you letter for your stepmom, which I hope will help inspire you.

Emotional Thank You Letter To My Stepmom


You have now been sharing our life, my life, for over 15 years. I first met you when I was barely 14 and I will soon turn 30. Time sure flies!

Today I want to take the time to write you this letter because you have greatly contributed to making me the blossoming woman I am today. Not everybody is lucky enough to get along with her stepmom as well as I did as I grew up.

From the very start I knew it would be simple with you. You have always done everything for me, so that the breakup between mom and dad wouldn’t be too heavy a burden on my heart. And I also know that you never tried to take mom’s place.

So thank you for having loved and educated me the way you have with your own son. Thank you for not having made differences, for having always treated us equally. Between mom, dad and you, I’ve had great role models who have taught me about strength and courage, tenderness and sensitivity. You have always known when to listen or help, you’ve been at my side through difficult times and you’ve even dried my tears when I missed mom.

You have been the best stepmom in the world! I couldn’t have hoped for better. And today, writing this letter is the least I can do so that you know and never forget how much I love you and how it has today become impossible for me to imagine my life without you.

It just goes to show you can live a perfectly happy and balanced life within a blended family. What matters are the people making it. And I’ve been very lucky there!


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