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5 message games for couples

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5 message games for couples

When you and your sweetheart are in different places and miss each other, sending cute texts is the obvious way to go, but an even more fun and effective way of spending virtual time together is to play, so check out our 5 message games for couples!

Message games for couples #1 : The blind test

No need for an app, or even internet for that matter! Each in turn, you can write a few lyrics, and the other has to guess which song or artist it is! Who will have the greatest musical culture? Bonus round: pick romantic lyrics (in english or any other language you both know) and declare your love to your other half all over again!!

Message games for couples #2 : The incomplete story

A game that will challenge your creativity and originality! One of you starts a story, continued by the other, the first one adds something etc… Each in turn, try to make sense of your story! Maybe you can choose a plot or context beforehand in order to stretch as far as possible… And in the same way as with the blind test, you can take advantage of this game to convey subtle (or not so subtle) messages to your sweetheart! 😉

Message games for couples #3 : Truth or dare

Do we still need to present this one? THE sleepover game that will always bring a twist to your parties! Granted, the choice for “dare” can be tricky since you are texting, but you could imagine setting some aside for when you’re together again!! A game that could easily become a little naughty… And get you to know more about your partner!

Message games for couples #4 : Kiss, marry, kill

This charming name hides the simplest of games: you name three celebrities (actors, stars, artists, singers etc…), and your sweetheart chooses who he kisses, who he marries and who he kills. It is then his turn to name another three… So sure, needless to say we are in the realm of fiction, so there’s theoretically nothing to pick a fight over! But it’s a fun way of getting to know more about your partner’s behavior and tastes!

Message games for couples #5 : Photo competition

Whether you took them yourselves or not, exchange the pictures from your galleries, or found online, and compete for the most hilarious, cutest, stupidest, most beautiful, craziest etc… The choice limit for categories is your imagination! Once you figured out who won… you can figure out the reward!

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