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Emotional happy birthday letter to my wife

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Emotional happy birthday letter to my wife

Writing a love letter isn’t an easy exercise and many men aren’t comfortable with pen and words, so to help you get there, inspire and motivate you, here is an example, a sample letter which we have called “emotional happy birthday letter to my wife”.

Picking a birthday present for your wife is never a piece of cake. If, for some out-of-idea or more down-to-earth men, the problem will swiftly be solved with a few flowers and an invitation to the restaurant, for others, it can turn into a Holy Grail hunt. Indeed, many men wonder what the perfect birthday gift for their spouse might be. All at once pleasing, original and moving. All these feelings with a bow on top. And what if the answer was simple, and yet full of love? What if, beside the more classical and traditional presents (flowers, jewelry, diner at the restaurant, lingerie…), you took the time to open up your heart to her? What if, on the occasion of her birthday, you wrote her what you feel, the love you bear her?

Emotional happy birthday letter to my wife

“My darling, (or her first name, nickname, or any other sweet way you have of calling her) 

As you can see, this year, I have decided to go bigger than texting, bigger than the little note with the roses and bigger even than the birthday card. I felt like writing what I know I don’t tell you enough, and that’s when I thought : love letter. 

And your birthday was the ideal occasion for that. 

By the way, before we begin, I want to wish you a very beautiful birthday. Today is for you, I hope it is happy and I will do all that is in my power to put a smile on your face. But that’s not all I have in store for you. 

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This birthday also made me realize that time flies and that our marriage still makes me as happy as ever. Years go by but our couple remains, and I wanted to tell you, or rather write you, many things in the hope that you will never doubt it. 

You know I tend to keep my feelings bottled up. 

I show you those things (as I call them), in my own way. Yet I seldom say them, and write them less. I am aware of that. But I have come to understand that even if actions are more important than pretty words, it doesn’t mean that sincere speech should be ruled out entirely. 

And these words make even more sense when written down. Because it makes tham last, engraved in memory just like actions, and they become precious souvenirs worth keeping. The “I love you”s whispered in your ear are indeed beautiful to hear, but they fly away the instant they are confessed. When a single handwritten “I love you”, as shy, simple or even clumsy as it may be, will stay. 

Today, as a man, I am complete. 

Because I am lucky enough to share your day, to be at your side for your birthday. But I am also – most of all – a happy husband, for I have the joy of sharing your life, of accompanying the woman I love, and all of that for several years now. 

No, you haven’t misread, yes I have indeed written it. I love you. I am not the most romantic husband in the world, nor the most demonstrative, that much I know. But what you must know, is that I am a man and a husband who is totally in love with his wife. With you. 

These three words, for me, are difficult to say. I chose to write them today in the hope of turning your birthday into a pretty emotion-filled moment. But I write them most of all because they are what I feel deep inside of me. 

Never doubt it.

I promise that from now on I will try to tell or show you my love more often. Because I don’t want you to imagine even for a second that the years have rendered my love for you hesitant or tepid. Absolutely not. Not even close. 

With all my love for your birthday, 

Your husband” 

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