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Love letter for my wife on her birthday

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Love letter for my wife on her birthday

To help you before you start on your own letter, we prepared an example to get your inspiration flowing : we call it “Love letter for my wife on her birthday”.

Thinking of the perfect birthday present for my wife can sometimes turn into an endless whirlwind of dizzy thoughts. If the less imaginative or the more down to earth will be content with a few flowers and dinner at a restaurant, others will take it upon themselves to seek the Holy Grail. Most men have wondered at least once about what form a perfect gift could take. You want your wife to be happy, touched – and originality is also important. All these emotions in a bundle of gift wrap. But what if the solution, as full of love as it is, was in fact very simple? What if, in addition to the more classical and traditional presents (flowers, jewelry, dinner at the restaurant, lingerie…), you took some time to open up your heart? What if, taking advantage of her birthday, you wrote her what you feel, and told her how much you love her? Writing a love letter isn’t an easy exercise, many feel uneasy around words, feelings and paper.

Love letter for my wife on her birthday

“My darling, (or her first name, nickname, or any other cute way you have of calling her) 

As you can see, this year, I’ve decided to go beyond texting, and I felt that a note with the roses or even a birthday card wouldn’t cut it. I wanted to write you what I’m aware I don’t tell you enough, and a love letter felt like a lovely way to start. 

And your birthday is the ideal occasion. 

That being said, and before I proceed, I want to wish you a very beautiful birthday. This day is yours, may it be happy, I will do all that is in my power to make you smile today. And not just smile. 

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This birthday is also the occasion to realize that time flies and that our marriage still makes me as happy. Years go by and leave our couple unscathed, and I wanted to say – to write, more like – many things to keep you from ever doubting that. 

You know I sometimes have trouble acknowledging my feelings. 

Those things, as I call them, I show them to you in my own way, but I seldom say them and write them less. I’m aware of that. But I have understood, that even if actions are more important than pretty words, I mustn’t be rid of sincere conversation altogether. 

And these words seem to grow even larger when set on paper. Because that’s how they stick, they become permanent like sweet memories of precious actions. A whispered “I love you” in your ear sure is beautiful to hear, but it always flies away so fast. When a handwritten “I love you”, even a shy one, ever so simple, even as awkward as the one I sometimes pronounce, will stay. 

I’m a fulfilled man today. 

Because I’m  lucky enough to share your day, to be by your side for your birthday. But I’m also and especially a happy husband because I have the joy of sharing your life, of having accompanied the woman I love for several years now. 

No, you haven’t read wrong, Yes I have indeed written it. I love you. I’m not the most romantic husband in the world, not the most demonstrative, I know that. But what you must absolutely know, is that I am a man and a husband who is totally in love with his wife. With you. 

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These three words – as difficult as they may be for me to say, I chose to write them to you today, in the hope that I can make your birthday a beautiful moment of emotion. But I write them, most of all, because they are what I feel deep inside of me. 

Never doubt.

From now on, I promise to try and say or show my love to you more often. Because I don’t want you to imagine just for one second that my love for you is wavering or tepid after all our years. It definitely isn’t. Not a chance. 

With all my love for your birthday, 

Your husband” 

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