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8 creative and romantic birthday surprise ideas for your boyfriend

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8 creative and romantic birthday surprise ideas for your boyfriend

Wether it’s your boyfriend’s 25th, 30th or 50th birthday, a creative and romantic surprise is always welcome, so here is a list of 8 ideas you can easily pick from! Here are 8 creative and romantic birthday surprise ideas for your boyfriend

8 birthday surprise ideas for your Boyfriend

Are you tired of always giving the same presents? Watches, leather bracelets, clothes, chocolates…? You want your sweetheart’s birthday to be special but you don’t know where to begin? Out of inspiration so you thought you’d come have a look here? Well that was an excellent idea!

1/ Birthday surprise idea for your boyfriend : A romantic weekend

A weekend turns into a memory. And a memory is priceless! As I have pointed out in another article, a study showed that couples travelling together were happier. No wonder, because when you travel together, you create shared memories that are forever etched in your heart. And most importantly, you say bye bye to daily routine!

No need for a humongous budget! Go online, their are plenty of websites offering discounts on hotels. I personally always use Airbnb. For example, if you live in New-York, you can find a nice apartment in Atlantic City for less than 70$ a night, and 175$ should be enough to get the two of you there depending on how you travel! So the total budget is less than 350$ if you arrive on Friday and leave on Sunday.

  1. Extra credit : keep it secret. Pack his suitcase and tell him to meet you somewhere. Then it’s road/train/plane trip time and he can discover his super surprise live!

2/ Birthday surprise idea for your boyfriend : A photo album of your memories

For my partner’s 30th birthday, I made him 7 photo albums! Yes, SEVEN! I’d spent a year gathering, sorting, printing out and glueing our most beautiful memories. One album per year, it was a hell of a job! But I had never seen him so moved!

You can either buy a photo album on Amazon and print out your photos online and insert them in the album. Or you can use websites such as Cheerz (which I have also tried). I’m not a fan of photo albums where the pictures are directly printed inside. On Cheerz I chose a DIY album and so I glued our photos myself and wrote the captions by hand.

A photo album is a very personalized gift and you will both be happy to browse through it together. Plus, if you’re young, you can show them to your kids later! Because today honestly, with our smartphones, going on holiday means at least 2,000 pictures. You have so many you barely ever look at them at all!

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3/ Birthday surprise idea for your boyfriend : The love letter

What’s more romantic than a love letter? No seriously! Personally, I write one for every one of my partner’s birthdays and he’s touched every time. Your sweetheart will be all the more moved if you’ve never written a love letter to him before!

To push romanticism even further, you can even buy some nice stationery. Choose neutral tones (ivory, cream, light brown…). Write a draft first and then take your time and use your best hand writing.

Be sure to praise your partner in this letter. Everybody loves being flattered. And for anyone, knowing that they make the other happy is the most beautiful thing in the world so write to him so that he never forgets it!

4/ Birthday surprise idea for your boyfriend : Plan him a weekend with the bros!

Wanna be the best girlfriend ever? Nothing beats a weekend with the bros! Especially if it’s been a while for him.

Set up a fund on Leetchi and get all his friends to pitch in. Then, according to the budget, choose a location.

Tip : if you live in the south, cross the Mexican border (everything becomes affordable). That way they can really party like they’re 20! And it will prove how much you trust him and I bet he’ll appreciate that.

5/ Birthday surprise idea for your boyfriend : A treasure hunt

Buy your boyfriend lots of little things he likes. It can be anything : his favorite chocolates, a keychain bringing back memories…

Hide all the treasures and organize the hunt! Maybe you can arrange the last part of the quest to bring you to a place where you will spend a little more time. Such as a restaurant for example.

6/ Birthday surprise idea for your boyfriend : A night in an unusual place

I’m not the biggest fan of boxes because I tend to think “oh right, we got to try that sometimes” and then forget about it until it’s overdue. So feel free to look online for websites offering unusual weekend trips. Start by choosing the date, and book in advance. That way you have to go through with it and your boyfriend will enjoy his surprise!

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7/ Birthday surprise idea for your boyfriend : A book of your texts

As I mentioned in an other article, some websites specialize in printing out in a book – a real book – all your virtual exchanges. Messenger, texting, Whatsapp, all your cute messages compiled in the book of your Love.

He might pretend he would rather have been given a six pack of his favorite beer, but deep down, his heart will be melting!

8/ Birthday surprise idea for your boyfriend : Taking him to an unusual restaurant

Is Snookums a foodie? Then he will be thrilled at the prospect of you taking him out to a restaurant for the occasion! Yes, but not just any restaurant. I’m pretty sure that wherever you may live, you can find an unusual restaurant less than 30 miles away.

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