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The 8 best gifts for a woman you love

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The 8 best gifts for a woman you love

There are countless reasons justifying getting gifts for a woman you love, wether it is the anniversary of when you met, of your wedding, or simply as a love declaration, but if you’re wondering what to get her, take your pick from the 8 best symbolic gifts we came up with!

Exchanging presents when you are in love and in a couple is a pleasure in itself, and the year is filled with special dates that echo with your relationship. Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines day, Christmas… There are many occasions to seize when you want to make the person you love happy. And there are just as many ideas for gifts. Romantic weekends, dinners at the restaurant, jewelry, clothes, concert tickets, perfume, lingerie, flowers… But what about the symbol? Think less about the cash value, and more about what it represents!

The 8 best gifts for a woman you love

Gifts are like love language words. That’s even more true when they carry a symbol.

1/ A love letter, the ultimate symbolic gift 

This idea for a gift can seem somewhat too simple, easy and overdone. And yet, we’ll never say it enough here at Love Stories : love letters are sooo important! Your handwritten love declaration is especially symbolic in the sense that it will be kept as a souvenir, and won’t dissolve into thin air the way spoken words do.

So, as simple as it may seem, sending a beautiful love letter remains one of the most romantic and symbolic gifts your partner could hope to receive from you.

Handwritten, stamped and mailed for surprise, or prettily sealed with red wax and placed under her pillow or in her bag : it’s bound to have some effect on her. In this digital day and age, where words are hastily sent via texts or instant messages, the symbolic power of your words written down on paper will be all the more poignant.

Talk about your strongest feelings and memories

In the letter, you can talk about your feelings, recall anecdotes of your love story, share your vision of your future together as well as your deepest desires. Anything that can make her understand how much you love her.

If you enjoy rhymes, and have a gift for poetry or music, make your declaration in the form of a poem or song.

2/ Twin or personalized jewels for you both : a romantic symbolic gift 

Necklaces :

A symbolic gift doesn’t necessarily mean that it can’t be “real”(as in “bought”). You can for example find ideas for symbolic gifts by looking into twin jewels for both patners.

The obvious idea is that of two halves of a heart worn on a chain by each one of you. The heart being the perfect symbol for love, this metaphor means that you both bear your love and that both your hearts beat as one, even from afar.

Bracelets :

You can adapt the twin jewel idea in several other ways. For example, with bracelets : braided, made of leather or with pearls or stones that convey particular meanings.

Rings :

An other example : the ring. Without necessarily going full-on official (signet, engagement or even wedding ring), many pretty rings exist both for men and women. And to make any ring more symbolic, you can engrave first names, initials, anniversary dates, quotes…

3/ Twin accessories or cuddly toys, for a cute and symbolic love gift 

In the same spirit, but if you’re not a big fan of jewelry or if you’re on a tighter budget, you can look into twin customized accessories.

It doesn’t sound like much, but this symbolic attention makes for a great gift. It’s ideal during the holidays, goes well with a love declaration or as a way of marking your first steps of living together. It’s also discreet because outsiders won’t always know what it means.

Examples of objects :

Keychains with your first names on them, of a color or shape that represents your couple, a padlock engraved with your initials the keys to which you give her, or even personalized twin cups or mugs to turn your future breakfasts or tea-times into joyous “home sweet home” moments.

There are countless possibilities when it comes to accessories as symbolic gifts, and many can be used on a daily basis.

4/ A tattoo, a very hype symbolic gift 

In the past years, tattoos have become increasingly affordable and fashionable. They can now be found outside the traditional circles of bad boys, rock stars and rebels without a cause. Getting a tattoo has become an aesthetical act, and more and more people show their love that way. And so when it comes to couples, it is not rare to find both partners bearing a similar symbolic tattoo.

If your partner and yourself enjoy this bodily art, it can be a cute idea for a gift that you can share. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be your soulmate’s first name upon your heart. A date, initials, mingled hearts, the infinity symbol, two drawings that become one when put together… and countless other possibilities!

4 other gifts for a woman you love :

5/ A playlist : A symbolic gift for music lovers 

Every couple shares some tastes, connections, sometimes even passions. Wether you already had them in common when you first met, or that your partner slowly introduced you to his universe, by now you might even share some sort of hobby.

And often music is what brings us together. The radio in the car, the stereo blasting away over the noise of the vacuum cleaner, concerts, parties… your life as a couple might be filled with musical memories! And maybe you even have that special song, “your” song, a symbol that gives your story together so much more purpose.

So why not give her a musical playlist of your favorite songs so that your partner can listen to them whenever she pleases?

Use a blank CD, a USB key, or even an SD card, and just open up your musical heart to her.

It could include favorite songs you both have in common, hers, or yours that you wish to make her discover, love songs, songs that awaken memories, songs that are moving or funny or that contain a secret message…

6/ A photo or video scrapbook of your relationship 

Are you a bit of a geek or are at least comfortable with media software? Following the same line of thought as with the musical playlist, you can be creative with everything a computer has to offer when it comes to photo or video. And no need to be a professional cameraman or to possess the latest phone or camcorder : all you need is a little patience for the editing and lots of creativity!

Current technology works wonders and is easily accessible. You can find loads of programs and online services in order to create cool scrapbooks for free.

For example :

You can make a slideshow montage of pictures of your couple with captions for each photo and music in the backround. Selfies, holiday or weekend pics… vary the source material and go wild!

Be bold : go video!

The principle is the same : you can make a short film by combining videos of moments spent together. You can even take it to the next level and edit it chronologically, with for example a few seconds of every video from the same year edited in order.

Or even :

If you are creative and good at this kind of thing, here are other ideas : a podcast about your partner, a speech to tell her how much you love her, a video summary of your regular day or of your perfect weekend, or even an interview where a friend asks you questions about your relationship to which you answer to the camera.

7/ A book of your digital conversations : a 2.0 symbolic gift 

As literary or romantic as you may be, loving paper, words and old fashioned love declarations, you cannot be totally closed to the new modern communication vectors. And couples are no exception to the rule.

Texts, instant messaging apps such as What’sApp or Messenger, or even emails for those who enjoy taking the time to write with more length, have become unavoidable.

And it’s even more true if you are involved in a long distance relationship. It’s an excellent way for a couple to stay connected and close despite the number of miles between them.

Because as practical as virtual communications might be, they can easily get lost thanks to faulty backups or broken phones.

A book of your texts :

In order to immortalize your exchanges and most beautiful love messages, you could have them printed out in a book and thus turn your ardent virtual conversations into something more real and palpable.

More and more websites are devoted to transforming your SMS, MMS or even What’s App conversations into a book you can then give to your other half. Your precious exchanges will now last forever!

8/ The key to your place : THE symbolic love gift 

Perhaps you have been an item for a while now. You love your partner, but when it comes to the idea of living together, you haven’t taken things to the next level yet. If your relationship is sincere but still young, in it’s early phase, maybe both of you would rather wait a bit before considering a future in common.

Each couple evolves according to it’s own rhythm, and living together is an important step in the relationship. It is normal, healthy even, to think it through and to take your time. Just like it can be obvious for other couples to move in together very quickly. To each his own way of functioning, and so long as both people forming the couple are on the same wavelenth and want to move forward together in the same direction at the same time, you’ll be fine.

Because a symbolic love gift before sharing a life together can be as simple as a key. What could prove your love and commitment in a more romantic way? 

Do you spend your evenings and/or most of your weekends at each other’s?

Do you carry your stuff back and forth in a bag, and go through Einstein-level calculations to match her work schedule with yours in order to allow yourselves some time together? Does your couple evolve serenely and do you incresingly enjoy each other’s company? Then the idea of the key to your place as a  small but hugely symbolic gift is a sweet token of your love and commitment.

I hope thanks to these 8 gifts for a woman you love you’ve got inspired !

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