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How to stop thinking about your ex : 4 easy steps

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How to stop thinking about your ex : 4 easy steps

If you’re wondering how to stop thinking about your ex, here’s my advice on 4 easy steps you can use that will open up the gates of YOUR freedom.

As a coach, I often meet people who don’t know what to do in order to stop thinking about their ex. Repressing thoughts about the person you love and who’s left you is extremely difficult. At first, everybody suffers, including the one who ended the relationship! And yet, you must manage to move on and progress on your road to success.

To stop thinking about your ex, it’s up to you to take action

Being active is paramount! Even if that means chasing your tail or running away : do it! You must take your mind off the breakup and get back in touch with your network. Take advantage of the situation to meet new people and to try out new activities. If you stay at home and do nothing, there simply is no avoiding mulling over your breakup. You would just be procrastinating and wallowing in dark thoughts. So get a move on!

To stop thinking about your ex, you must understand your breakup 

It’s vital that you understand what happened : action will follow comprehension. And to manage just that, it’s necessary you ask yourself questions that will help you move forward.

  • What wasn’t working between the two of you?
  • In what way are you partly responsible for this breakup?
  • What were your fights triggered by?
  • What could have been done to change the state of things?

Whenever something happens in your life, you are always an active part of it. What I mean is that your reactions will automatically create new situations. Which is why you must understand what it is you have done that led you to the situation in which you are now.


The most difficult thing to handle in a breakup is missing the person you love / think you love. It anchors you in a state of misery that floods you 24/7. Thinking about the other every minute of every day is bad for you. And it will get worse and could even lead to a breakdown! To achieve detox you must :

  • erase your ex’s number,
  • delete him from all your social networks,
  • block him and set his email to “spam”,
  • maintain radio silence for a minimum of 21 days (the amount of time necessary for your brain to create a new habit, i.e. not contacting him anymore),
  • write down your feelings and breakthroughs in order to visualize your progress.

Believing in yourself

My advice for 30 days will save you 75% of breakup troubles! 

Be aware that if you come in contact with your ex during your reconstruction phase, you will automatically fall back to square one. And you will painstakingly have to go back through every single step of the progress you had made. It’s like an alcoholic who drinks “just a small glass” : he’ll fall off the wagon nontheless.

Bottom line : be strong and allow yourself 30 days for your reconstruction phase! You will be stronger and prouder for it!

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