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The most beautiful and inspirational quotes about missing someone

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The most beautiful and inspirational quotes about missing someone

Because being seperated by distance is never easy, here are what we found to be the most beautiful and inspirational quotes about missing someone, in the hope that they will help you be strong…

Love quotes about missing someone

Neither far place nor long time can defeat true love of mine.

No pleasure is as great as being loved in return, no pain is as intense as being loved from far away.

Absence, when love is true, far from weakening the affection, makes it greater still.

What of the vale, this palace now so drear,
Vain objects to me, and void of charm?
River, rock, forest, solitude so dear,
A single girl departs and all is gone.

Absence only hurts when you love.

Absence is the worst of evils.

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It’s heavy, absence. Heavier than disappearance. Because you know the dead won’t rise again. Yet you hope against hope for the return of those far away.

The more love has willpower, the less the wind of absence can blow it out.

You can’t measure passion by counting makings of love ; love happens all along the days, in a calm silence, in a smile, in the sound of your voice, in absence, in distance.

When love withstands absence, nothing can defeat it.

Isn’t absence, for he who loves, the most certain, the most efficient, the most alive, the most indestructible, the most faithful of presences?

A long absence in love is worth nothing ; but, if you want you flame to linger, you have to meet and leave each other in turn : a short absence goes a long way.

Love stands it’s ground in the face of absence ; death, doubt and treason do not.

You can tell how in love you are by how much you miss her, by your fever when she isn’t there.

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