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Long love letter to boyfriend : love letter for him from the heart

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Long love letter to boyfriend : love letter for him from the heart

If you are looking for an example of a long love letter to write to your boyfriend or lover, check out the one below, and see how to write to him straight from your heart! Long love letter to boyfriend ? Let’s go !

Long love letter to your boyfriend

My Love,

It’s simple, I’ve been thinking about you ever since I came back. Lying on my bed, I’m thinking about everything we’ve been through together, about all our moments of love. About how happy I am ever since you are by my side.

 I have taken risks, that’s for sure. I took the plunge, body and soul, into an intense relationship with a man I barely knew. And now you have been sharing my days for nearly three years. We never stopped to wonder if it was serious, you and I. We simply saw. We simply understood. Is simply built itself with time.

And today I wonder what my life was like before you came in. Did I really know the taste of happiness before life put you on my path? What was my oxygen, before? Because it’s like I’ve known you since the day I was born. It’s like you’ve always been a part of me. Imagining life without you is simply impossible right now.

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The moment I can’t wait for is when I come home in the evening after work and we both sit on the couch. Me in your arms, doggy in mine, wrapped up in our oh so old yet oh so comfortable blanket. Wether we watch a stupid show or a good movie doesn’t matter. Do you know how litle I care about what’s on TV? I would agree to sit through every single blockbuster in your collection as long as I do so cuddled up against you.

Thank you my Love, thank you for making my life so beautiful. You are the only person who knows me so well, the only person with whom I want to be, with whom I can be myself. In your eyes, I feel pretty. In your eyes, I feel strong. And Important.

You are the most amazing man on earth, I love you higher than the stars!

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