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Letter to my ex boyfriend for closure

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Letter to my ex boyfriend for closure

A beautiful love letter to my ex boyfriend, in the hope of finding closure. A truly heartbreaking letter! The young woman who wrote it told us : “This is a goodbye letter I unfortunately never had the courage to send to the one who broke my heart…”

Goodbye letter to the one I have loved

Dear Olie, I have written down your name as I do everyday ever since we’ve met, but tonight is the last time. Did you think you would protect me by saying goodbye? You have selfishly protected yourself, you left having already planned everything, having all calculated in advance. It’s odd but I’m starting to forget your smell and even the color of your eyes. Although I’m sure that even if I was blind, I could draw every single detail of your face with my fingers, every minute line around your smile. I will probably end up forgetting them too.

Do you have the slightest idea of what it will take to erase these memories? You know I’m tired, yes so tired of always having to say goodbye, of always having to forget, erase, cross out, delete all the people I love from my mind. It’s like I can’t dodge any more bullets, it has become so difficult for me to get back up…

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I’m constantly fighting against my demons, coercing my heart to obey my brain so that reason wins the fight against feelings. But I can still here the familiar words going through me like a blade : “it’s not you, it’s me, I don’t deserve you”… like nobody else had used that line before. Like that was all I deserved. Couldn’t you hear my heart breaking?

I wanted to yell you to stay but I have learned to sometimes it’s better to let go of those who leave. You carry with you a shard of what you have broken.

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