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10 cute “thinking of you” messages for your girlfriend/boyfriend

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10 cute “thinking of you” messages for your girlfriend/boyfriend

If you can’t stop thinking about your soulmate and want to brighten up his/her day, check out our 10 cute “thinking of you” messages for your girlfriend/boyfriend!

10 cute “thinking of you” messages for your girlfriend/boyfriend

Oh no! I totally screwed up when I packed my lunch this morning! I have my sandwich, my cookie, my water… and I forgot to take you! <3 My heart is hungry now… Anywho, just thinking about you, can’t wait to be tonight!

Hey my love! You’ll never guess where I am! I’m having a nice hot chocolate in the place where we first met… when your eyes looked into mine for the first time… I can’t stop thinking about you and about that sweet memory we share <3

Hello sweetheart! I’m in the subway and passing through your stop! Anywho, just a little message to tell you I’m thinking about you and that I miss you!

I’m at our little cafe, listening to our song… Thinking back on all of our little moments together, your smile and the way you look at me when you say “I love you”… Wish I could see you, snuggle into your arms and forget everything else, because all I care about now is you, me and us <3

Hey snookums! Just a short message to tell you I’m thinking about you and all the laughs we have together that make my life with you so wonderful!

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Hey my love! I’m waiting for the subway and there’s a couple on the other platform frenching like they just don’t care… it’s making me think about you, us and the love we share everyday <3

Good morning honey! Did you forget to put the toilet seat down this morning, or did you leave it up on purpose as a clue so that I would think about you? 🙂 If that’s the case, well played!

My love!! Have you seen Snapchat’s new toilet filter? How nice of them to think about us and your passion for poo! 😀 I’m sending it to you now, you’re gonna laugh so hard!

Hey sweetheart! It wasn’t enough that I couldn’t stop thinking about you, but now there are “Rogue One” posters on every corner! I think the world has decided to play against me!

Hey darling! I told your crappy joke at the office this morning and my colleagues were laughing so hard they were literally falling to the floor! Crappy jokes have taken over the world, I give up! <3 I love you!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of texts, and that a few situations rang a bell or a least made you smile! See you soon for more! I’m off to some lovin’ of my own! 😀

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