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The most touching and romantic love messages for your girlfriend/boyfriend

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The most touching and romantic love messages for your girlfriend/boyfriend

You want to send the most touching and romantic text, email, letter or message to your girlfriend/boyfriend? Below are the 10 most beautiful love messages for your girlfriend/boyfriend.

The most beautiful love messages

Cute love message :

Just one thing :

It’s crazy how much I love you.

Funny love message :

On our first date I kissed you so that you would stop talking. Now I also love you.

Romantic love message :

As many people as there may be, I still feel there’s only just the two of us on earth.

Intense love message :

Love isn’t having kids, starting a restaurant, getting married… No, it’s watching you smile and smiling in return, it’s holding you in my arms when you’re feeling blue, it’s eating in bed and making a mess, it’s watching TV cuddled against each other, it’s walking hand in hand, it’s being there without talking. Love is you.

Literary love message level I :

I live in you as you live in me. Your saddness saddens me, your joy makes me happy, I am in your heart. At last, I have the eternal, undying, heavenly love I desired. You are the beginning and the end.

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Irresistible love message :

I love you for all that you stand for. I love you for your softness when you touch me and for your fervor when you debate a subject. I love you when you cry in my arms and when you overcome an obstacle using your own strengths. I love you for what you are, for what you think, for your aura, for what you would have wanted to be. I love you absolutely for everything. From your qualities to your flaws.

Concise love message :

I’m crazy about you.

Poetic love message :

With you, I bead words, I sculp messages and I weave love. With you, I look to the future and no longer to the past. With you, I see infinity, eternity and every always.

Literary love message level II :

I wish that within these letters for you traced, you may find all that is in my eyes, all that is on my lips, all that is within my heart, all that is present with me when I say : I love you!

Passionate love message :

I would gladly suffer every day of my life if only you were a part of it.

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