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Letter to get your ex back example : letter to my wife to save our marriage

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Letter to get your ex back example : letter to my wife to save our marriage

Here is an example for a letter to get your ex back after several months without any news, or to your wife to save your marriage :

Letter to get your ex back example : letter to my wife to save our marriage


It has been four months now that we have broken up and gone our seperate ways. This decision was taken in common, we had reached an agreement ; routine had taken over and our life as a couple had become nonexistent. I think we both had a serious need of taking a fresh look at things, each on our own sides.

These four months away from you allowed me to take a step back from us. It’s true, I can’t deny it, we have been through truly difficult times, have hit rock bottom and ended up both very hurt. But what kind of couple ever even reaches fifteen years of perfect love? What kind of couple never had to overcome any obstacle?

After taking a step back from our relationship, I am now sure of one thing : yes, we have had our divergences, no, we don’t agree on everything. But we have values in common that for me are essential : we have the same vision for the future, the same way of looking at life, our take on education is identical… And I find myself in you. You soothed me Sophy, I felt good with you. I often lectured you for constantly contradicting me but in the end, I realize that was also what I loved about you. We had debates, you always had an opinion on everything, I thought you were brilliant even if I must admit you sometimes annoyed me.

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Maybe you imagine I forgot you but I haven’t, and I miss you alot. Looking at all this with a fresh pair of eyes took away any doubt I could have about one thing : the love I bear for you. I love you and that’s my only certitude. I really wish we would give our couple another chance.

I hope with all my heart that for the past four months, your path has run parallel to mine.

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