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Reconciliation letter after a breakup : A beautiful exemple of reconciliation letter

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Reconciliation letter after a breakup : A beautiful exemple of reconciliation letter

You seek reconciliation with your lost love after a breakup, and have chosen to do so in letter form? But you don’t know which words or idioms too use? To guide you through this delicate exercise, here is an example of a reconciliation letter after a breakup! Warning, this is as said only an example. Don’t foolishly copy paste this letter in its entirety!

Example of reconciliation letter after a breakup

[Insert person’s name here],

I know it can seem strange to say that in a letter, but I wanted to carefully choose each word that will follow, so that you know how important this is to me. I’ll cut to the chase : I can’t forget you. I am well aware that our separation made sense : we didn’t get along or understand each other anymore. Our relationship had become toxic, the atmosphere was constantly electric… In short it had become unbearable! We actually both agreed to leave things where they were.

I thought I had managed to close the chapter of our story, I had moved on. But a few months later, having taken a step back, I realize that the more I think about us, the more I have a feeling of missed opportunity. You weren’t just a fling and I think that reciprocally, your feelings for me were deep and sincere. The more I think about it and the more I believe our breakup was due to unlucky circumstances : you were in a bad place professionally, my work hours reflected negatively on my balance and lifestyle. Stress, fatigue not to mention worsening communication… That’s all it takes to progressively increase the pressure and, inevitably, to blow up the whole situation!

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I have the feeling that we have ruined something bigger and more beautiful than the both of us ; did a couple of futile resentments really become stronger than our love because of bad communication? Today I’m angry at myself for not having been able to keep you, and I want to make things right. Ever since our breakup, I looked to work on my attitude and aptitude (or rather my inaptitude!) to communicate. I now feel that if we were to write a new page together, I would be up to the task of difusing any situation by maintaining regular dialogue. Furthermore, my new work position allows me to have more time for me, and thus for a potential relationship.

I still have feelings for you, and nothing other than you seems to manage to fill up the emptiness in my heart. And I have the utmost conviction that if we were to take a fresh start with a healthy basis, we could walk hand in hand for a long time. So, do you accept to give our love a second chance? Don’t worry about the time you take to think it over, I know this kind of decision isn’t lightly made and I don’t want to rush anything. 

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Forgive me for having the nerve of concluding with 3 small words I haven’t used enough when we were still together : I love you.

Come back.


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