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Letter of reconciliation to my love : An emotional a beautiful reconciliation letter

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Letter of reconciliation to my love : An emotional a beautiful reconciliation letter

Read on for a sample reciliation letter for when you want to start all over again…

It’s decided then! You are ready to take the first step to give your love one more chance, to revive the beautiful couple you once were. And, for good form, you have opted for a nice handwritten letter (you have to admit it’s more stylish than a text or email!). Only trouble being, given the delicate situation, you got writer’s block! Appropriate words and idioms are difficult to find. So today we will be helping you with your wordy inspiration, thanks to our sample reconciliation letter for when you want to start over :

Obviously it’s just an example. So don’t copy it word for word entirely, but feel free to allow it to inspire you!!

Letter of reconciliation to my love

[Insert the person’s first name here],

You probably won’t expect receiving this kind of request by handwritten letter, but I wanted each sentence to be thought through. Indeed, my happiness depends on this letter. I will not split hairs : I want to make a clean slate of the past so that we can resume building a common future together.

I can’t stop thinking back on our last fight, and on what started it. It haunts most of my nights. I wake up with a start, sweating and hurting from your only too noticeable absence from my bed. I can still picture you slamming the door shut without looking back. Know that neither you nor your reaction have made me bitter. But I do feel sadness, shame and remorse. Especially remorse. Of course it took me some time to put everything into perspective. Back then I thought I was right, I kept telling myself your departure was profoundly unjustified. I realize today that I couldn’t have been more wrong. I failed to open my eyes wide enough, to take a step back. Despite your efforts. I realize how selfish I have been.

I’m not going to pretend I have changed entirely, no. It would be a lie and I don’t want to do that anymore. But I can make you a promise. The promise that I will do everything I can to put an end to my self centered behavior. Because it has already cost me too much : after having experienced life together with you, being single again will be terribly bland. I saw you in the street the other day, on the opposite sidewalk. I just observed you for a few seconds, and then it hit me like an electric shock. Mixed with love at first sight all over again. I thought : “it’s her, or it’s naught”. 

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I’m not putting the knife to your throat of course! But to me, breaking up with you was the trigger I needed to pull to truly give me the will, the strength and the courage to build something bigger than my little self. So, will you forgive me and give our love a second chance? Feel free to take some time to think it over, I know this kind of decision musn’t be taken lightly and I don’t want to rush you.

Whatever your decision may be, know that you have made me the happiest man on earth during our relationship, but I hadn’t realized it then, as blinded by my own interests as I was. So I will end this letter with a very sincere : 

Thank you.


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