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Will you marry me letter for her : The best proposal letter for her

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Will you marry me letter for her : The best proposal letter for her

There are many ways to propose, and if you’re looking for something less cliché than a ring in a Champagne glass, an old fashioned romantic way of doing things is writing a love letter, so here is our best proposal letter for her to answer with an “I do” to the paramount question : Will you marry me? So here is the better will you marry me letter for her !

Will you marry me letter for her :

I’ve been sharing your days for three years now, and for three years your gentle face has been the sun that awakes me every morning, three years already since you have taught me what the verb “to love” truly meant. You have fulfilled me, made me proud and happy. You have changed me also, I was an introvert, unable to express any emotion whatsoever, and yet I confided in you at every step of our relationship.

Your gentle tenderness was what I most needed in my life, you know how to soothe me, you know how to listen, how to put me back on track and most of all, you know how to love me. I think you’re an amazing woman ; despite all of your wounds, despite your stormy past, you never once complained, you are ever smiling and full of life! It’s really impressive, you’re incredible. I’m at a loss for words to describe the strength of my feelings Laura, I sometimes feel like yelling out for the entire world to hear that I have found the woman of my life – that’s how much my heart beats for yours.

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I love you Laura, I love you like I will never again love anyone, you are my happiness. Watching you get ready in the morning and listening to you singing in the shower, that’s the kind of small daily joy that makes me smile and stirs the pot of intense emotions brewing inside of me.

It’s for all these reasons and many more that I am certain that our future is together, and that it will be a radiant one.

So I ask you today, Laura, will you be my wife?

I sure as hell want to be your husband.

I’m crazy for you!

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