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Emotional wedding vows to make him cry

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Emotional wedding vows to make him cry

Writting emotional wedding vows that are sure to make him cry is far from being the easiest thing in the world. Your heart is overflowing  and you don’t know how to arrange everything on paper? Here is an example for your wedding vows.

Emotional wedding vows to make him cry


This wednesday, February 2, 2011, I knew you would be the man of my life. When our eyes met on this cold winter morning, my heart started beating a little too loud, and I understood. Ever since that day, my happiness is perfect, I wake up each morning fulfilled, having found my other half. By meeting you, I feel like I’ve repaired all that was lopsided, that your heart and mine fused to beat in unison, that you were the missing piece to my puzzled soul. That’s why I believe you’re my “soulmate”, even if some don’t believe in such a thing. I woud argue that I am a rational woman and that I believe what I see, and I have seen it. 

With you Julian, I wait for the future with calm. I used to doubt everything, used to be afraid of what was to come. But that was before knowing my future was you. Never mind the obstacles on our course, nothing scares me anymore because I know the two of us could breach the impossible if we had to. At your side, I discovered that small daily gestures could protect our couple, I discovered that a routine could have it’s good sides, I discovered that a simple text message in the morning could make me happy, I discovered that a post-it note from you on the fridge could make me smile the whole day. 

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To seal our love is the most beautiful thing we could do. I won’t call today the best day in my life because every day spent by your side will be exceptional. Thank you for all the love you give me, all the happiness you bring me. I don’t love you like it’s the first day, I love you way more!

Our novel began five years ago, and pages will continue being written forever. Some might get folded, the ink might sometimes run but never, not ever will we read the words “the end”, because our love will last forever.

I love you.

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