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The perfect love letter to him to express your feelings

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The perfect love letter to him to express your feelings

Below, to inspire you, is an example of the perfect love letter to him to express your feelings.

The perfect love letter to express your feelings for him

My love,

Do words describing my feelings even exist ? A simple « I love you » just doesn’t do justice to their power, to the happiness I feel when I am close to you and when the warm blanket of your arms covers my shoulders, going straight to my heart, soothing what seems a lifelong ache.

You are the most beautiful gift life gave me. Busy or calm, my days are filled of you, in my thoughts, always, a daily star dust on my mind. I realize each day just how sincere and profound my love for you is, and how much I desire that our relationship lives on. Ten years we’ve known each other, eight months we’ve been together. “You and I” sounds like a truth, such a sweet, sweet truth.

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Nothing is more beautiful than writing this novel together, watching our love’s ink thrive on paper, and telling our story in dancing calligraphy. With all my heart, I wish it never ends; chapter after chapter may not a single page be torn. I could never list all that I like about you: how to stop once I begin?

And yet one fear remains: my only wish being to create a future I can trust, in the safe haven of your arms, I fear that no longer living together could pull us apart. I can only hope no separation or change will come of this short distance.

I love you. You are my everything!

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