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The most passionate love letter for your husband/boyfriend

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The most passionate love letter for your husband/boyfriend

This is one of our most passionate love letters for your husband/boyfriend…

The most passionate love letter for your husband/boyfriend


It’s passion that drives me today, it’s wanting to see you, to touch you, to flood you with kisses. Your presence fills me, your body invades me and your absence kills me. I didn’t remember what that verb meant, to love. I didn’t remember that to love meant to breathe, to live, to run after the phone hoping your number would show up, to suffer horribly when your arms pull away from my waist, to be incapable of thinking about anything other than you, you, you. 

I love you, I adore you.

My imagination and body know way better how to express themselves than my mouth or fingers on a keyboard. My vocabulary seems so imprecise, so small, so poor when compared to the intense ball of love I feel inside of me. My heart flutters unceasingly ever since you made your way inside of it, I wish I could always be close to you, against you. It’s madness, loving so much is insane, loving to the point of suffering as soon as you are away. 

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And it’s so good, to love beyond any limit that may exist.

To fill your lungs with love instead of air, to love with neither condition nor logic, without understanding nor seeking to comprehend, to just love. I don’t love what you own, what you represent, I love you, your soul, your body, your mischievous laugh, your hoarse and sensual voice, I love you, I love you and me together.  

You are today what I hold dearest in the world.

I’m scared of losing you, because once you have tasted love, how could you go back to life without it? I could never. You are the one I was looking for, it took me ten years to find you, I could have wasted my life convincing myself that I had found my way without realizing that the problem wasn’t the path, but the person with whom I tread. 

I love you, forever! 

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