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I love you deep love letter

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I love you deep love letter

Because a cute love letter is the best way of saying I love you – if the words come from deep within your heart, that is! 🙂 Enjoy this “I love you deep love letter” !

In this letter, a young woman wishes to express how her feelings have evolved to her partner.

I love you deep love letter


We have now been together for three months and I know it’s short, but time flies so fast that it already seems like a lot. I want to write to you, to tell you what I feel in my heart. I used to be very comfortable with words, but now I can’t seem to articulate my thoughts to form the intelligible idea that would perfectly express my feelings for you.

You and me started in a rather strange way. As you know, when we first got together, I wasn’t serious, I didn’t love you. But we built our relationship, I started to know you, to discover hidden aspects of your personality. I have learned a lot, especially your weaknesses and mistakes. And I fell madly in love with you. I think our love grows slowly but surely, I admire you a bit more everyday as I discover parts of you that were yet unknown to me. I wouldn’t want to lose your smile for the world, it soothes me, it makes me happy.

We often fight, we don’t have the same vision of the future, the same vision of things in general. But I don’t care, it’s all the same to me. We barely ever agree about anything, we constantly bicker and test each other’s limits but what unites us is more important : we love each other so much.

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In September, I will be going to boarding school and I know that fact scares you. I understand, it scares me too, but you really have nothing to worry about. My feelings for you are deep and sincere and the only thing I wish for is to stay at your side for as long as possible.

I hope you will have understood that I have evoled in more than one way and that I now can truly state that I love you and that I’ve never been better with anyone.

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