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Sad love story : An open love letter after a breakup

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Sad love story : An open love letter after a breakup

A love story often ends in tears, and this is a very touching and sad open love letter from Matilda after her breakup. Thanks for sharing it with us. Here is a sad love story…

Sad love story  : Matilda’s love letter after a breakup

I think no man ever had managed to make me smile the way you did.

Happiness was a word that existed within but that didn’t mean anything anymore.

To tell you the truth, you alone reactivated my taste for life, and in only a few weeks. And yet, God knows I was wounded, scarred and tired. You were there, I had no idea how long you would stay with me – I wanted to believe it would last for ever. I don’t know if all of it even really existed. Our story was so different, I was all at once your wife, your accomplice and your mistress. You were the one who made my heart beat, the one who rekindled a flame only to let it then burn out. Yes, you were the only one capable of transporting me to paradise just by holding me in your arms. You knew everything about me, every scar, every memory. You knew me like no one else ever did, happy. I was so carefree, so in love, so at peace. 

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And here I am today, writing to you and wondering wether these months of love ever really existed.

I know full well it wasn’t a dream, or at least I think so, the proof seems contradictory. I wish I could tell you that I’m fine, that I’m waiting for you. But it would be a lie. It was like being buried alive when you left me for an other. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to truly recover from such a hurtful breakup. The truth is I never will. I wish I could tell you that the fact that someone took my place caused me no grief. But it did. 

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I don’t feel anymore, the only taste I can identify is scotch and coke, and the shot of tequila I take every night to drown my sorrow deep under the surface of my delicate liver.

I thought our love would never burn out and that our couple would become a family. But I was wrong. Wrong about you, or wrong about us. It hurts, I have such a bad heartache, I feel it might stop. Many people tell me they were right when they had told me what a douchebag you were, but despite the warnings, I failed to listen and worshiped you instead. I would also like to tell you that I don’t miss you and that all things considered, it’s for the best – but even my sadness knows that’s a lie. 

Anthony, the name stll echoes in my mind, in my soul.

It’s the name of the man who pulled me out of depression only to push me back in deeper yet. I experienced our story one day at a time, I wasn’t expecting an end. We lived through moments of complicity, moments of love and also times of crisis. I would admit to having given up more than once but you already know that. But not once have I ever considered living without you. To leave you, to abandon you was unthinkable, mentally impossible. You told me that whatever may come, we would make it. You lied to me. To tell you the truth, I don’t know wether you lied to me or ended up forgetting your promise, but I can still feel the heat of your hands on my hips. Time goes by, they say the wound will heal, I can’t see an end to that fucking nightmare. Wake me up, wake me up and tell me what you’ve always told me when I couldn’t sleep at night, that you were there, that it was all over now, that it was going to be OK. 

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