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Sad love story that will make you cry

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Sad love story that will make you cry

When it doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to, a love story can be sad and make you cry. And the only thing left to do is to be brave and hope aganst hope that things will get better. And life goes on. Here is letter after a breakup, a sad love story that will make you cry…

Sad love story that will make you cry

I’m writing tonight to unburden my heart from all this sadness, to try to get rid of the pain in my gut. Tonight I’m not okay. My throat closes up and tears accumulate in every corner of my eyes, but I keep them from falling because allowing them to run freely would simply precipitate me into an endless salty whirlpool. And pain and tears would increase. Each in turn. Indefinitely. I am profoundly sad. Because tonight I need to be in your arms. Waiting to see you again has become less and less bearable.

And the less news you give me, the harder it becomes.

And tonight, I really need to lie down next to you and know I will be sleeping serenely in your presence. I wish I could close my eyes and hear you breathing near me. Your beating heart’s gentle melody would be my lullaby. I wish I could roll up in a ball and you would tenderly wrap your arms around me. You know, I can’t take waiting for that to happen anymore.

I need a fresh start with you. I really do. Because I’m rotting from the inside.

Without you. It looks like we both had a good restart together, and it makes me want to be near you even more. To be with you for days and nights at a time. It’s a level above wanting, it’s a need, Because I have been waiting for this for almost 5 months now. 5 months. 5 months of starting off my days by thinking about you, and of ending them by imagining having you with me. I have always complied with what you wanted, but now I just can’t anymore.

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I need you. Your affection.

To feel you are there for me, that you will take me in your arms for no reason, just to make me feel good. I wish I could peacefully fall asleep alongside with you, knowing that I would wake up in the same spot, knowing that the very first thing I would see when opening my eyes would be you, just there, ever so close to me. Opening my eyes, seeing your sleeping body, and thinking that all I have been through is now only a bad memory, because now you are there. I wish I could wake up in the middle of the night and feel your skin against mine, and allow for relief to take over my soul : “At last!”. I simply wish I were there for you, with you, and overwhelm you with attention, with tenderness, because I love giving to the person who makes my heart beat. I’m capable of so many things when I love someone. And you don’t know how much I love you.

I have loved some people very much, others I have loved passionately.

But with you, it’s a whole new level. I have never loved in such a way. Not like this. I could give my life for yours. I would be ready to do insane things if ever you asked. For you. Just for you. And the fact that there are some things about you that I don’t know about – your life, your past, the people around you – destroyes me. Because I am ready to share everything with you. I am ready to tell you all there is to know about me. I want you to read in me as in an open book. And what destroys me even more is knowing that there are some elements of your past, which I don’t know about, that prevent you from moving forward, from being happy. With me. Yes, I get it, you will never truly be happy. So in that case, let’s only be relatively happy together. Please let us share that. At least that.

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