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Romantic love letter for your girlfriend

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Romantic love letter for your girlfriend

Here is a real romantic love letter written by a man for his girlfriend. 🙂

Romantic love letter for your girlfriend

To you my angel who already makes me so happy… I am fulfilled, meeting you yesterday confirmed my feelings right away. I had loved already, even passionatelly, I had already thought I would love a woman till the end of my life, I had already shivered because of a look, a kiss or a simple touch of a hand… But never had I ever thought a woman to be “the one”, until I met You…
You, you haven’t just awoken my smile,
You, you haven’t only given me the will and taste for love,
You, you are way more than that… way more than all the dreams, all the hopes I may have placed in a woman. You are obvious and for the first time in my life I don’t ask myself questions about the future. I don’t hope to build my life by your side, I know it, I know that it is with you that I will move forward, it is with you that one day I will say “yes” until death do us part, with you that I will accomplish everything a man can dream of.

I have never been so successful with a woman… I have never known a woman as well as I know you. We both know each other by heart, for the simple reason that we are the same : the same projects, the same insane centers of interest, the same crappy characters. This undeceiving complicity, this need of the other that I could not explain. Every one of our bursts of laughter, our glances at each other, our games and our kisses prove to me that I am not mistaken. 

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My Heart, my Love, you came into my life when I least expected it, and immediatly, this crazy “thing” between you and me appeared, and ever since our first kiss you and I knew it would no longer be possible to wake up day after day without the other at his side. Getting to know you is one of the best things that has happened to me, the more I know you and the more I love you, the more I fall asleep near you, the more I see your smile and the more I know you’re the one, that it is “Us”, and it makes me prouder every day. We laugh like two friends, we play like two children, we love each other passionately like two lovers.
I love you, I adore you, I want you more than anyone. You are simply the woman I was waiting for. Just for you to be there, very close, is enough to make me feel completely “me”. There is not a single time when you hold me against you that I don’t realize how lucky I have been to find the person who suits me the most on this earth.

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I know the sincerity of our feelings and I wish everyone knew this happiness, this total knowledge and pure love of the other. You take care of me, you manage to understand me, to hear me even when I am silent. Every day by your side, I heal a little more ; every day I believe ever more in this “Us”. I know you don’t need all this to know how infinite my love for you is. But after all, what harm could come from writing a love letter to the person I love?

And as they say : words fly away but the writing remains. So I write, and I couldn’t be more truthful. 
My Love, my Woman, My Baby, My Angel, My Love, My Life.
This is what I mean every time I say “I love you”.

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