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Sample love letter to my love

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Sample love letter to my love

Below is a sample love letter to my love, to help you find inspiration to write to your Love.

Do you want to tell him or her just how deep your love is, but you are feeling overwhelmed? You don’t know what to do or where to start? Here is a sample love letter I wrote that will help you get it done!  Now, the following are only examples! Don’t lazily copy entire paragraphs (or do, you know, I’m not gonna check!). The goal being to show you how to wield the pen, how to tell the other how you feel, even if it isn’t easy.

Sample love letter to my love

If your sweetheart is planning to travel on vacation for example, take the lead and write him a letter before he leaves. You can hide it in his suitcase to surprise him on arrival.

My love,

I wanted to write you a letter before you left… I have no idea where you will be when you read it, but what I do know is that you will be far, far away from me. It may only be two short weeks, but I know I will miss you, as I always do when our bodies are apart. None of this can be explained, and perhaps shouldn’t even be told… but why hide such happiness?  You know, people often spend their lives believing there is someone, amongst all others, who is their perfect match, an utopian ideal, the androgynous’ lost half… We might miss it, after all, without even our noticing. For the very first time, I feel I have found that person.

It’s simple : you are everything I am looking for. You make me feel good, you make me feel happy and balanced. When you find such a thing, when you are lucky enough to enjoy such a sensation, you inevitably grow afraid of losing it all. I am afraid to lose you because for the first time, I love someone for what he is. When you are close to me, it is like nothing matters anymore, and as I fall asleep, listening to your heart’s gentle melody, all doubt fades away. 

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It’s strange, I have more and more trouble falling asleep when you are not there, as if something was amiss. Your body’s warmth perhaps. Time changes all, it erases, deceives, it destroyes entire stories… And today, it meddles with the very mechanism of my soul, togling at will the speed of growth of my feelings for you. And that’s it, I can’t do a thing. There is no delay, no rule of thumb… and to think it is difficult for me to bond… usually! 

I like it when you breath me in until my skin goes dry and my body rips under your embrace. Maybe that is passion : a tender violence, brutal, mixed with a delicious softness tinted with tears. I wrote you what I feel without holding back, and maybe it wasn’t a good idea. But as I wrote it, it felt right, and I can only hope it will feel write as you read it as well.

I love you 

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