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Open Goodbye Letter To My Cheating Wife

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Open Goodbye Letter To My Cheating Wife

This is an open goodbye letter from a husband to his cheating wife, he can’t find the strength to forgive her and has taken the decision to put an end to the relationship.

Open Goodbye Letter To My Cheating Wife : “I can’t forgive you”


Today I have decided to allow my anger to spill onto paper instead of giving in to useless shouting. I have been thinking about this for almost three weeks now, and I feel sick in my mind, sick in my heart, and all of it because of you. I can’t forgive you, you hurt me too much. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to look at you again with that smile on my face that used to be only for you. I admired you and I admired our couple : I thought we were different. We used to look around and laugh of other peoples’ silent affairs. And now it’s happening to me. 

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How could I express what I felt when you admitted to this treason, to this terrible lack of respect? 

You know that words aren’t my favorite tool, and maybe less today than ever… In place of inspiration, I have a massive whirlpool of a draft. I feel so humiliated and hurt, deep within my soul…. Imagining this man laying his hands on your skin, tasting it and finding pleasure in it. Worse, imagining your lusty smile as another man holds you, rediscovering those juvenile passions. It disgusts me.

We had built our relationship on healthy foundations : 

Being frank, honest, trusting and trustworthy. Images go through my mind, memories pile up and thinking back on them doesn’t make me happy anymore. They appear confused, blurry, shredded. How could I even try to rebuild a long-lasting love on top of the relationship you have infamously sacked? How could you even regain my trust? No way. You want to come back home… But what would we do? Do you want us to pretend, for everything to be back as it was? For me it’s an impossibility. I don’t want to see you anymore, because everytime I do, it reminds me of what you’ve done.

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Maybe time will heal my wound and allow me to look forward, with you at my side. For the time being, please don’t give me any news. I believe you understand. 

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