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Break up letter after cheating : “I know you cheated on me”

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Break up letter after cheating : “I know you cheated on me”

This break up letter is from a woman who, after having found out that her partner had been cheating on her, decided to leave him immediately, even before taking the time to gather more intel : we call it “I know you cheated on me”.

Break up letter after cheating : “I know you cheated on me”


My heart has felt heavy for the last few days and I can’t look you in the eye anymore. I’m going to be blunt ; the pain may be so strong that I can’t seem to open my mouth, but it’s a different story with pen and paper.

I know everything.

You can call me crazy all you want when you find out what I did to put an end to your endless string of lies. I know the truth and I hope you’re going to regret that I do! Before even explaining it all to you, I want to make one thing cristal clear : it’s over. You just killed my longest, most beautiful love story ever. How could I have been so stupid? Six years of love turned to ash because of your bulshit.

Her name is Sophie, she’s 24, sexier than a thirty something is she not?

She’s a journalist (a brilliant one too!) and you’ve been sharing hotel rooms all over the City. When you find yourselves in a bed at 2pm, odds are you’re not sharing an innocent cup of coffee. How do I know all this? Simple my dear, after having my doubts and finding several questions unanswered, I did as they do in the movies. I hired a private detective. And a very good one I should think, seeing the number of photos I’m holding in my hands right now. Truly disgusting pictures. You’re smiling in them, you look happy. All I was entitled to was your sullen attitude, feet on the coffee table and eyes staring at the TV. Like I wasn’t even there. But sure, it’s always convenient having a woman in the house. Food needs cooking, floors need cleaning and shirts need ironing I guess. You’re not going to sink so low as to bring your own suit at the dry cleaner’s, right? It’s so much simpler having a nice little orderly life, a wife, maybe even children soon (I believe you were thinking about it of late!).

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I can’t even cry anymore.

I’m so bewildered, tears just won’t come. I mean I could see you having a one night stand with enough booze in you… But this… I don’t know for how long it’s been going on but I know it’s serious. That’s what hurts the most. Thanks to you I could trust men again, and you know how difficult it was for me to open up to you. Six years lost and wasted. Is it my fate to be cheated on and destroyed? Is that it?

My luggage is ready.

By the time you read this I will be far away and you won’t know where. You’ll have to make do on your own. I don’t even need an explanation, it already all seems very clear to me and it’s beyond forgiveness anyway. I already gave too much. Lost too much. You buried six years of love, the hope I had for us, our future and beautiful plans. I hope that you love her. That you aren’t stupid enough to have ruined our relationship for a random piece of ass.

Have fun in your new life, scumbag.

I won’t seek revenge, I don’t see the point in sinking to your level. And I know that the day will come when she will leave you too. You can have the pictures, hang them up and look at them whenever you think of me!

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