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Goodbye letter to my cheating boyfriend : A heartbreaking letter

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Goodbye letter to my cheating boyfriend : A heartbreaking letter

A heartbreaking  goodbye letter written for a young women who feels betrayed by the disrespectful conduct of her cheating boyfriend whom she trusted.   Here is my goodbye letter to my cheating boyfriend.

Goodbye letter to my cheating boyfriend : A heartbreaking letter


It’s with a feeling of deep hatred that I’m starting off this letter. I hope words will manage to convey my huge disappointment. You’ve made me look like a fool, you lied to me, you betrayed me and I didn’t even see it coming! You went as far as to transform a woman’s name into a man’s to keep me in the dark! Everything comes out one day, you should know that. It was a shock to see you reach such a new low! The worst being that it wasn’t just a fling, a one night stand after a booze filled night. No, you cheated on me for eight months straight, are you even aware of the humiliation that represents for me? How disappointed I am? Overflowing with sadness? I loved you so much, and it felt reasonable to think that you loved me too. You looked me in the eye and told me you loved me, only to sleep with another a few hours later!! Not to mention unprotected! I thought you were happy, you never told me our couple wasn’t working for you, yet it must have been the case, unless you were some kind of womanizer all along and I hadn’t noticed it. Nothing would surprise me at this point…

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I don’t even blame the poor girl, she’s in no way guilty : she’s single, she’s allowed to have fun with whomever she wants. But it’s my boyfriend who somehow just had to make a move. You say that you still love me, that you don’t want me to leave you, but I think all the signs point the same way : that is what, deep down, you were waiting for. You are a coward and a liar, two red flags when it comes to men. I gave you everything, I believed in us ; after a three year relationship, I assumed I was legitimately entitled to that much. You ruined everything. And to say I thought we had built our love on sturdy foundations.

Images come and go, memories pile up, and going back to them just doesn’t make me happy anymore. They feel thin, foggy, shredded. How can I try to rebuild an enduring love on foundations destroyed by this long lasting treason? What can you do to reclaim my trust? Nothing. How could I even think about a future with an unfaithful man?

Time might heal my wound and allow me to move forward, with you at my side. Maybe I will never manage to look you in the eye anymore. I don’t know, I just don’t know anymore, I am completely lost. Do you realize what eight months represent? Almost a year! Why? Why did you do this to us? I’m so angry at you, that no words could convey my feelings regarding you behavior. I’m ashamed of having believed you, ashamed of having given you my trust. Have you no regret? Good, you should, you deserve to.

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