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I’m sick of your lies letter : a sad breakup letter

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I’m sick of your lies letter : a sad breakup letter

A sad breakup letter from a young woman to her man who regularly lies to her – understandibly, she is sick of it. Here is “I’m sick of your lies letter”.

I’m sick of your lies letter : a sad breakup letter


I only want one thing ; to come and ask you if we can have a calm conversation, if we can talk without you shouting or lecturing me. But I know that won’t happen, which is why I chose paper to explain to you what’s going on.

During the five years we have been living together, I have never said anything, I have always let you go to parties, which you came home from at four, five, six in the morning. I’ve always whole-heartedly trusted you. You could do whatever you wanted, I’m not an annoying girl, we have always trusted each other… But then I learned that you have been lying to me for the past two months. That you have been lying about all kinds of bulshit. So sure, you haven’t cheated on me, you haven’t done anything “serious” but all these little lies put end to end have led me to doubt you, to doubt us. 

I have changed tremendously for you.

Me, the possessive type, the jealous type, always snooping around… I have made enormous efforts to become a relaxed, balanced and serene woman. For several years now I’ve allowed you to be free, I’ve never grilled you about the parties you went to or the people you met there. I really believe I have acted as the ideal woman with you, not many would have accepted your behavior. I wasn’t asking you for the moon, Adrien. I was just asking you not to lie to me. 

You betrayed my trust, but it doesn’t stop there.

You have an impressive way of always turning situations to your advantage and to pass me off as the bad guy. Like the other night when I saw you in a nightclub with a girl and went up to you to let you know that I wasn’t comfortable with the situation, and your curt answer was that I had ruined your evening. But you had ruined mine, Adrien. Even if you did nothing wrong, even if you were just talking, you could have held my hand, introduced us to prevent any misunderstanding… But you would rather stay set in your ways and close yourself up in that silence you seem to enjoy so much. And I ache. I ache so bad all by myself under sheets that smell of you. I am a ball of sadness. I feel crushed by your words, crushed by your lies, crushed by your hands which I can’t live without. 

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I sometimes feel like I don’t know you.

There are two sides to you and it scares me. In the evening, when we see each other, you are so adorable, so thoughtful, sweet and tender and then on the very next morning, all hell breaks loose and suddenly I am guilty of having a thousand flaws… 

I can’t keep on living that way with a man who worships me at night only to break me in the morning. I can’t live with a man who lies to me, for whatever reason he might have. You say you’d rather lie to me than have unnecessary fights, but I would so much prefer a good old row instead of having to process everything a few months later when I find out what you’ve kept hidden from me. 

I love you more than anything in the world, Adrian, and I can’t imagine my life without you. I feel empty just thinking about it. But I wouldn’t be able to keep on indefinitely. We’re about to enter a whirlpool. You can either get us both out, or drive me out alone… 

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