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Love letter anniversary to your husband/boyfriend

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Love letter anniversary to your husband/boyfriend

If you want to write a nice love letter to your husband/boyfriend for your anniversary, check out the one below!

Context : a young woman wishes to express her love for her boyfriend to celebrate their seven months together.

Love letter anniversary to your husband/boyfriend

My love,

Time flies : we have already loved each other for seven months, seven months filled with happiness, seven months of you putting up with my tantrums, seven months of evolution for this “us”, seven months of tenderness and complicity, seven months of sharing my life with you, seven months of love, seven months since you found a warm place to stay deep inside my heart.

You are the man of my life. Forgive me for such a corny sentence but I think it’s the truth. Without you I am nothing. The love you feel for me is the most beautiful I have ever witnessed and I hope it never ends. I would like to thank you again. Thank you for everything. Thank you for what you bring into my life. Thank you for the love you bring me. Thank you for your tenderness. Thank you for your caresses. Thank you for the happiness you give me. Thank you for helping me when I need it. Our story is a novel that has only just begun and is far from being over.

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I love you more than everything. What we are living is so perfect. What we are living together is such a fairy tale. Everything is so beautiful, so magical, so wonderful that I am afraid. You are so the one I’ve always wanted to meet, the one I have been waiting for. I am afraid life might one day seperate us. It’s totally ridiculous to say such a thing when we are crazy in love. But that’s the way it is, and I want everything to remain as beautiful, I want us to always be so happy when we see each other, to always feel those shivers when we hold each other tight. I want the moment we wake up next to each other to stay magical. I want your eyes to never stop sparkling when you look at me. And I believe. I really do.

You know, I ‘ve found something that makes my heart beat faster than if I’d ran for an hour, that gives me the will to leap over any obstacle, to break through every so called limit. “Something that is so you that you would rather die than to live without it”. You know, I have found my reason to live. That kind of omnipresent thing, that heart tickling twig, that rare gemstone that brings me complete happiness. You are that daily joy, never forget it.

I love you.

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