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Letter to my boyfriend who cheated on me during my pregnancy

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Letter to my boyfriend who cheated on me during my pregnancy

Our latest letter for you to discover is this “Letter to my boyfriend who cheated on me during my pregnancy”.

It is a deeply emotional letter from an anonymous reader. I was moved to tears as I read these heartbreaking words…

Letter to my boyfriend who cheated on me during my pregnancy

The story we’ve lived was never idyllic but we have loved each other with all our strength since the very first day. And that’s what has allowed us to move forward together.

This year should have been the most wonderful of all. The accomplishment of our love : a baby.

During the last month of my pregnancy, I felt you were distant. But despite that, the fact that you proposed didn’t encourage me to worry about that slight change in your usual behavior.

And you have to admit that these past few months have been wonderful.

My pregnancy brought us closer than ever. And at the beginning of January, our little bundle of joy decided to finally show up. A sweet alert baby ready to love us like crazy.

I thought I was living the most beautiful days of my life.

Because the day we left the maternity hospital, I wanted to capture the moment and take a picture of you holding our baby. I borrowed your phone and my world collapsed.

What appeared on the screen were love messages that weren’t written for me.

My sister in law was there, and all I could manage was a lame “are you cheating on me?”. I was distressed. How could the man of my life, the one with whom I had just taken the huge step of becoming a parent, do this to me? The one for whom repecting women was so important, the one who had himself been heartbroken after being cheated on and who had sworn never to replicate a behavior so unacceptable in his own eyes?

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I told you that you could go join her if you wanted, but you refused.

I decided to give you a second chance.

Why? For many reasons. I told myself that I was doing it for our son, but I soon realized that I was doing it for me. Our families and friends came to visit our little wonder. And I had to listen to all our relatives as they were congratulating us, praising the great couple we formed, and telling me how lucky I was to have a partner such as you.

A few short months have now passed by since that unfortunate discovery.

I am shattered, we have since then lived many happy moments, but many sad ones too. I don’t feel the same way from one day to the next. My strength to fight for us has also shifted.

One day I am ready to forget the double life you’ve had for several months. I feel capable of leaving everything behind and jumping in the car with you and the baby and just drive far away from all of that. And the next day I hate you and I don’t understand how you could have distroyed me in such a cruel way.

Because yes, I’m not the same person as I was before.

I feel exhausted and despite that, tomorrow I will post pictures of us on social media and caption them with all the love I bear you. 

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If it was “only” that… But you continue lying about the details of those months. So how could I rebuild and heal?

I’m begging you, help me recover!

Shouldn’t love only be about bringing happiness, wellbeing? So despite all my sadness, I love you more than ever.

To you who broke my heart and seems nontheless to be the only one able to repair it.

I love you…

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