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9 Steps to Write A Love Letter To Someone You Love

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9 Steps to Write A Love Letter To Someone You Love

Emails and texting are unavoidable for our generation, but if you want to be romantically old school, writing a love letter is the way to go, and if you’re wondering how, here are our 9 steps to writing a beautiful letter to someone you love! Enjoy our 9 steps to write a love letter to someone you love.

9 Steps to Write A Love Letter To Someone You Love

Love letters : where to begin?

I’m going to state the obvious : first you need a pen and some paper. Yep, I know, that doesn’t sound very exciting, and yet these two elements must be chosen with care.

The pen : use a pen you’re most comfortable with. And if it’s your gnawed everyday ball point, so be it. The ink sould be black or blue. Don’t write your love letter in red : too bright, nor in pink : unreadable. Also, don’t switch inks as you write. If you start with blue, you stick to blue.

The paper : the stuff for school can do just well, but I advise for you to choose soomething a bit more “sophisticated”. You can buy some stationery that looks like parchment, its thicker and more classy than your regular lined sheets of paper.

The right time and the right place

You can write anywhere and at any time. Sure. But your brain has to be isolated and your thoughts should solely be for the loved one. Your bedroom is the ideal place. Desk and bed always work. Prefer an evening when you haven’t anything important planned. Free your mind and allow it to wander wherever it feels like going. Let your feelings run in the open without fear of being interrupted.

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Maybe your thoughts will catch up with you and give you the energy and momentum necessary to the writing of your letter. My best advice for choosing a moment is this : when you feel like writing, don’t hold back. Let you feeling’s ink flow, without expectation nor judgement! You can’t write a sweet declaration if it’s overly rational and thought through. You would lose in authenticity.

Make a draft

Before lauching yourself in deep atypical considerations, I truly recommend you make a draft. It will help you organize your thoughts. It can seem strange because love-is-so-natural-go-with-the-flow… But I assure you feelings are harder to express than to, well, feel! That is why I cooked up a list of questions you can ask yourself about your love before starting your letter :

What made me fall for him/her when we met?

What do I like most about his/her personality?

How important is he/she for me?

When did I know our love story was meant to last?

Is there anything I never dared to tell him/her but that I often think about?

What are our plans together?

What is my dearest wish concerning our future together?

The list could go on and on, but will help you untangle your thoughts. You can of course add any question you like, and take out those you don’t. Answering them on a draft is a sure way of organizing your letter.

The beginning

How do you start your letter? Good question. You could perfectly well start “in media res”, meaning straight to the point, by explaining what kind of operation this is, for example : “I’m writing you this letter because my love for you is so big that I want – no, I need – to express it”/”I’m writing to you today to tell you how much more sense my life makes since we got together…”.

You can also choose to start you letter in a more ordinary way, which doesn’t mean it won’t be efficient, called a “salutatory address”. If you are used to giving him an adowable nickname, use it : my love/sweetheart/snookums… or a possessive diminutive : My Soph’/My CC…

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Express your feelings

Address yourself directly to him/her by using the second person singular “you” and also the first person plural “we”. That will give a more intimist feel to your letter.

Your feelings must obviously show all over your letter, it’s kind of the point, don’t you think? If the famous “I love you” is bound to appear, don’t use it too often. Keep away from commonplace adjectives and phrases such as : “my love, I want to be with you forever”. There are so many ways of expressing that idea… don’t choose the one you’ve heard a thousand times around! You could for example write : “I would love to spend my life with your arms around me, feel strong, strong from being close to you. I never thought I would feel that one day, but today it’s as if without you, my life would be but an empty box. My heart had been vacuum-cleaned, but you found all the pieces and glued them back together. I am myself again thanks to you”. Give it your best shot and transform cliché ideas into poetic prose.

Use evocative elements

In your draft, you can organize a check-list of all the milestone memories you have with him/her. You must use it to illustrate your feelings. For example, you’ve spent a weekend by the sea, and it was on that day that you realized how in love with him/her you were. Let it be known. Bring back these memories clearly and methodically. Develop and describe the contextual elements as well as the emotions involved at the time.

Date and reread

Don’t forget to date your letter! Isn’t it lovely to reopen a letter and remember the magical moments a few years later… and know exactly on what day it was written!? Also, don’t forget to reread your letter. OK so you aren’t the God of Spelling and Grammar, but do your best all the same. Reread your letter twice/thrice. And if you have to cross something out and it seems less “perfect”, so be it, let’s say it will have character and personality.

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Send or deliver by hand?

Either you choose the postal services : surprise effect.
Either you give it to him/her yourself : he/she is bound to be touched, but might also feel a little uncomfortable.
The choice is yours, you know him/her better than I do after all!

Lipstick for the ladies, perfume for the gents?

Personally, I’m not at all for that kind of thing. I think it’s “corny” and slightly ridiculous. But that’s ONLY what I think! If you are a hopeless romantic and you think that’s amazing, go for it!

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