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Before You I Never Really Understood Love : An Amazing Love Letter

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Before You I Never Really Understood Love : An Amazing Love Letter

Today we bring you an amazing love letter, perfect for when you feel that before meeting the man of your dreams, you had never really understood love… Enjoy!

Before You I Never Really Understood Love

It’s strange, you know. 

Yeah, I bet that’s not quite what you expected. But we didn’t expect one another either, I guess. 

Deep down, when I decided to start over from scratch, I was hoping I would meet someone to share it all with. But I didn’t truly believe I would, I mean… not like that… 

I never knew how to make people happy… Well, I never knew before you, probably because I wasn’t happy myself. I had no happiness to give because I was wasting my time looking for it in others. 

In fact, before you, I guess I had never truly loved. 

We might say it’s too early to be talking about love, but damn, I want to discover you, I want to spend every minute of my life making you smile because your face is wonderful when it lights up and when your eyes sparkle with joy. I want to face the fears that have ruined my life, even if it’s hard and I still sometimes cry and want to bang my head against the wall. I want to forget the past and trust you, I terribly want to make you happy and… maybe I can. 

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Yes we can. You said that we would take things slow, that we would work it out together. That it wouldn’t always be easy, but that we could do it. 

Then you kissed me. I had never tasted lips so soft.

And so I kissed you back, and that made you smile. You skin was warm agaist my body made of ice… When you are close to me, I feel like it’s impossible for us to miss each other. I forget my fear of hurting you, I forget what I was forced to go through to get there, I forget about the scary future. 

And just like that, I manage to believe. 

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Take me in your arms. Touch my skin. Kiss me until my lips go numb. 

Make that adorable face that you alone can do. Let me kiss your forehead and ruffle your hair. Huddle up against me. 

And hold me tight. 

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