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An Amazing And Romantic Love Letter To The Man I Love

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An Amazing And Romantic Love Letter To The Man I Love

A new amazing and romantic love letter, with a hint of melancholy, to express your feelings to the man you love.

An Amazing And Romantic Love Letter To The Man I Love

I sometimes look at the few pictures we took that day. I look at my favorite and lose track of time. I remember those were the last of the joyful days. Yet already fading away as you yourself were slowly disappearing. Falling actually, but I didn’t know that at the time. What I did know, was that I had a bad feeling. So I asked that we take some pictures, so as to never forget that you used to know how to smile at me, and that for a few weeks, you had made me the happiest girl in the world. And I’m not even exagerating. I was deeply happy. I never wanted your silhouette to leave mine. I never wanted our laughter to turn away from one another. I wanted to spend full hours in your arms, ever so close to you, and kiss you for hours at a time, as we had already done before. 

But it happened, unfortunately. You walked away.

Our laughter faded. Our bodies were pulled apart. So yes, today I sometimes look at our photos for several minutes and remember when we used to share smiles. The more you smiled, the more my heart would leap. I couldn’t hold it back. It would just break free. It drove me crazy. I was crazy about that smile when I stopped kissing you and our breathing tickled our lips. And when I look at that picture, it makes me remember. And I imagine. I imagine us, making faces for the camera, because both of us were the same kind of crazy. Yes you are, even though you hide it behind all the pain. But I know that behind your shield, there is a crazy funny man. And that’s a good thing. 

I wish I could be crazy with you.

I wish I could laugh like a child being tickled. I wish I could sulk, again like a child, for no reason, so that you would take me in your arms and pretend to console me. I wish I could walk in the park with you, and push you in the grass, and fall with you, so that we could start laughing, for no real reason. I wish I could sit on a bench with you, watch people passing by or look up at the beautiful night sky, with your arm around me. I wish I could run through the streets and throw my arms around your neck. Then take a walk along a path, any path, so long as your hand holds mine.  

I wish I were yours. I wish I could lie down next to you, just to look at you.

That’s all. Looking at you. And listening to you breathe. Yes I wish I could watch you fall asleep, and listen to your peaceful breathing. I wish I could watch you cook. The way you concentrate – you’re even more handsome when you concentrate. I wish I could come up ever so close to you, and put my arms around you while you concentrate. And smell your perfume. I wish I could tickle your lips with my fingertips, and your arms, and your hands. I wish I could massage you all day long, because I love taking care of you, because I want you to feel good. I wish you would hold me tight against you and lay a kiss upon my forehead, full of comfort and affection, when you sense that I am sad. Oh yes I so much wish you would hold me ever so tight against you, so that I can feel your heart against mine. Feel your arms around me. Feel your embrace and understand it’s meaning : “I will never let you go”. I wish I were yours. Simply. Completely. 

Magical. Bitter. Thrilling. 

Not necessarily in that order. 

02/08/19 – 2.08am


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