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A Deep Open Letter To Express My Love To Him

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A Deep Open Letter To Express My Love To Him

The following is a beautiful and deep open letter to express my love to him.

A Deep Open Letter To Express My Love To Him

I love everything about you. Yes everything. I like every molecule, every atom of you. I can’t get enough of every last detail from you. Even of those I don’t know about yet and that I dream of discovering one day – I adore them all. 

I love your hair. It’s silky and soft. I love touching it, feeling it run like water through my fingers. And then going down, brushing against the back of your neck. Because I love your burning neck. I love when you take my hand and put it against your neck, that always immediately warms up my cold fingers, among other things.

I love your forehead and the little veins that appear when you concentrate. I feel so good when a single touch from my fingers on it soothes you. And when I draw the contour of your face with them, slowly, delicately. 

I love your eyes, and how you look at me. 

So deep, so troubling, mysterious. Your perfect little eyes. And your way of furrowing your brows. It hardens your gaze, it makes me fall for you all over again. I love looking at you when your eyes are closed, away from agitation, so calm. And also, to be surprised when you open them slowly and realize, in your peripheral vision, that I was watching you. I fall for that as well. 

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I love your perfect nose. With that little beauty mark on top. It’s adorable. I love caressing it with the tip of my finger. Till I reach your jaw, delicate under your high cheekbones. And playing with your beard, nice and soft, and the fact that you always touch it after I do to groom it back into place. I especially like kissing the edge of your beard because I know how it tingles. 

Your mouth. 

“Love” is not powerful enough to describe what I feel for it. I admire it, I adore it, I’m passionate about it, I desire it, I burn for it. I love tickling its beautiful outlines with my fingers. And also lay my own lips lightly on yours, tenderly or with passion. I love caressing them with my tongue, and meeting yours in the midst of a long, hard kiss. And then savagely biting them, but also teasing them with my breath and my smile until one of us yields. I’m crazy for them, for their softness. They are exquisite, delicious, savory, attractive, comfortable. I could spend hours with them. 

I love your neck, thin, distinguished. And above all I love covering it with tender kisses that make you shiver. And that small hollow, just above your torso. So sexy. Speeking of torsos, I like yours very much. Warm, soft, welcoming. Cuddling up against it is beyond description. Dressed or undressed. Standing up or lying down. I could stay against it for hours, without so much as moving, just resting my hand on it and feeling your heartbeats against my fingers. 

Your arms, and your hands. 

They make me lose my mind. The way you hold me against you after stroking the back of my hand with your fingers, after sliding them against my forearm in that affectionate way, and then having them explore the lower areas of my waist. I love it when you do that, because I know what it means. And your forearms, your wrists, your bracelets… but I’ll stop before I lose control. 

I love your back, because I know it’s fragile, and I love taking care of it. I love to see you lying down wearing nothing but your pants and slowly massaging your backbone. And then lying down on you and showering you with kisses that mean ” I adore you, I feel so good, right here, with you”. 

I love your butt, shapely and firm. And I’ll stop at that! I won’t go any further because already I’m getting hot, while writing this, and you’re not even there. And also, it’s not midnight yet, the kids aren’t in bed! 

Your amazing voice. 

I love listening to you calmly talking. It soothes me. I love your laugh, and I love making you laugh until you have to put your hand in front of your mouth to stop yourself from smiling and to keep a straight face. I love listening to your breathing, regular and quick. It’s relaxing, it makes me feel safe. 

I love the way you tease me. 

Because it makes me feel that you’re comfortable enough to make fun of me. I love your way of using metaphors all the time, and for anything. I just love that. I love the fact that you like to cook, that’s very attractive. A man who cooks often is generous, a giver. I love realizing how smart you are, that too is sexy. I love understanding that you have a character of your own, and that you aren’t just too nice. Because yes, I adore you, you are truly very kind, very attentionate, understanding. And I love that a lot. I love your fragile side, maybe a bit too much, sometimes to the point of being afraid I’ll break you. I love it all the same because it shows the tender softness in you. I also love your playful side. Because playing means you’re letting go. And so I know I can let go as well. 

There are so many more things I love about you. 

Because you are MY perfection, and because you will always be perfect in my eyes, whatever you may do, whatever you may think, and whatever may happen. You will always be better than the others. Because the others don’t have what you have. Because the others don’t drive me crazy, or make me fall for them. With you, all I have to do is to set my eyes on you to be fulfilled. 4 months ago, I woke up and started impatiently stamping my feet because I knew  I was going to see you again. And todays, days are so long without you, and I’m impatiently stamping my feet all the more. I can’t stand being so far away from you. I need to see you, to talk to you, to listen to you, to hold you against me and to kiss you. Do you understand why I want you to be here? I need you to be here, with me, because otherwise my body starts missing something. It misses your magic. It misses you. 

Come back to me soon! 


09/04/18 – 10.11pm

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