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The most emotional love letters for your boyfriend/husband

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The most emotional love letters for your boyfriend/husband

Out of inspiration, worry not, for here is my selection of the most emotional love letters for your boyfriend/husband! Note that it’s only one or two paragraphs at a time, just to give you some ideas.

The most emotional love letters for your boyfriend/husband :

Here is a selection of the most beautiful love letters for a man!

A long love letter for your man

“(…) I have spent my life believing in Love. My heart has been beaten, my heart has been ripped, it has been stamped on, and more than once as you know. But I kept on believing. Because I love Love, because I consider life not worth living if you don’t allow your heart to pound.

And then you came along, you turned it all upside down. My schedule, my emotional comfort zone, my whole life. I couldn’t understand what was going on, and really I didn’t want to understand. I didn’t try to plan ahead, I didn’t want to build false hopes, for the very first time in my life I completely let go. (…)”

Romantic love letter for your man

“(…) I cuddled up against you without you really noticing, I lay my head against your torso… Cradled by your beathing and heart beats… I lustily breathed in the scent of your skin, thinking there was not a single place in the world where I’d rather be. I kissed your hands, lovingly, before completing the gap between my fingers with yours. And I thought back upon my teenage dreams… How many times I had dreamed about that moment… How many times I had tried to draw an imaginary portrait of the man who would become the center of my existence… And today here you are… You are more beautiful than everything I had dreamed about, I see you, I feel you, and I wake up next to you. (…)”

The most beautiful and passionate love letter for a man

(…) Loving so much is almost a crime. And yet I have never had so much faith that whatever happens, you are here, whatever happens, I have you. And even if you leave you will remain inside of me, always. I like to watch you work, concentrated, laying your index finger on your Cupid’s bow, knitting your brows. I like to watch you sleep, closing your fists like babies do, eyes closed and breathing peacefully. I like to watch you read, your face serene. I like to watch you cook, bustling around and grumbling when the recipe goes wrong. I like to watch you all the time, everywhere. 

You are my happiness, you are the sun, you brighten up my entire life, you make me better, you are benevolent, you are simply incredible. They say rare gems are hard to come by but I have found the Arkenstone. (…)

Beautiful love letter for a man

(…) In fact, before you, I guess I had never truly loved.

It’s supposed to be too early to be speaking of love, but damn, I want to discover you, I want to spend each minute of my life making you smile because your face is magnificent when it brightens up and your eyes wittily sparkle. I want to face the fears that made my life a misery, even if it’s tough and I still sometimes cry and want to bang my head against the walls, I want to forget the past and trust you, I terribly want to make you happy and… and maybe I can. (…)

A poignant love letter for your man

“(…) I love you, I adore you, my imagination and my body know how to tell you far better than my mouth or fingers on the keyboard. My vocabulary seems so imprecise, so small, so poor when compared to the intense ball of love lying inside of me. My heart can’t stay in place ever since you’ve entered it, I wish I could always be near you, against you. It’s madness, it makes no sense to love so much, to love to the point of suffering as soon as your absence kicks in. 

And it’s so good, loving beyond any existing limit. Breathing love in and out to your lungs’ full capacity, loving unconditionally and without logic, without understanding or even seeking to understand, just loving. I don’t love what you own, what represents you, I love you, your soul, your body, your mischievous laugh, your throaty and sensual voice, I love you, you with me. (…)

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Sublime love letter for a man

(…) I wish I were yours. I wish I could lie down next to you, just to look at you. Just that. Looking at you. And listening to you breathe. I wish I could watch you fall asleep and listen to you breathe. I wish I could watch you cook. See how concentrated you get. – You’re even more handsome when you concentrate. – I wish I could come up to you and put my arms around you while you concentrate. And smell your perfume. I wish I could brush your lips, your arms and your hands with the tip of my fingers. I wish I could massage you all day long, because I like taking care of you, because I want you to feel good. I wish you could hold me very tight against you and lay a kiss upon my forehead, full of comfort and affection, when you notice I am sad. Oh yes, I wish so much that you could hold me very very tight against you, so much so that I would feel your heart against mine. Feel your arms around me. Feel your embrace telling me “I will not let you go”. I wish I were yours. Simply. Completely. (…)

One of the most beautiful love letters for a man

(…) When I say I love you, I’m not saying let’s make babies, get married, buy an apartment together, create a business, open a restaurant, move to the other side of the world. When I say I love you, I’m saying I’ve never felt so good in my life, here, right now. I’m saying that when you smile at me I can’t resist, I melt. I’m saying you make me happy. I’m also saying don’t leave me, stay with me, take me in your arms, don’t leave, ever. I can’t breathe in anything other than the scent of your skin, I don’t want to listen to anything other than the sound of your voice,  I just want you. You, you, you. (…)

I hope you’ve enjoyed my “small” selection!

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