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Touching love letter for a man : A long and emotional love letter for him

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Touching love letter for a man : A long and emotional love letter for him

Here is a long and touching love letter for a man, it is truly emotional, and I hope it will help you find inspiration to tell him how you feel. 🙂

Touching love letter to a man :

My love,

I’m not the perfect woman, I have my temper and my flaws which can sometimes get the better of me. I have some emotional baggage I can’t help but drag around. My heart is slightly broken, some even say unhinged and that can affect my reactions. However, my Love, one thing is for sure : never could a woman love as much as I love you, to the point of finding the word insipid when compared to the real feelings love actually provokes.

I am aware that I may have been hard on you at the beginning. You were fresh out of a long relationship and I had the feeling I somehow didn’t count for you. It was selfish of me. I know how much a breakup can be difficult and that it takes time for the wounds to heal. Getting involved in a new relationship too quickly will only burst the stitches, and that’s never a good thing.

Today, I accept you whole : with your past and your frailties.

Because it’s your entirety that makes you so beautiful and touching, that makes me love you so much. My life transformed the day our paths crossed. My nature is to be worried and self-conscious, but your love made me feel strong and invincible. You gave me back my confidence, and I now feel like a real woman, beautiful and interesting.

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It’s crazy how the mirror of your eyes has made me feel so good. But it’s far from having been the only thing. I love all the moments we spend together, I love feeling like you and I are one, I love when our burning bodies answer each other’s, when you lay eyes on me in the morning when I wake up, when I watch you laugh at stupid shows on TV… The smallest nothing at your side brightens up my entire day, when not so long ago, all seemed mundane and flavorless.

So thank you for what you bring me everyday. I want to give you as much, to cherish you as much, to make you as happy with every passing day. I want to make your life gentler, colorful and delicious. I promise you I will be worthy of your love.


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