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Sample letter to your husband about being unhappy

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Sample letter to your husband about being unhappy

Sample letter from a woman who can’t stand her husband’s behavior anymore and who wants to tell him about how unhappy she is. Here is a sample letter to your husband about being unhappy.

Sample letter to your husband about being unhappy

What’s the problem with your shell of a heart? What’s your problem with me? What’s your problem with you? How can you f*ck up somebody else’s life like that? What’s your problem with love? You can’t stand being alone, you don’t even know what solitude is, you’re constantly surrounded by me or 15 other people and it’s still not enough for you. I’m sick of it, you hear me, SICK AND TIRED of having to see you sulk day in day out, having to hear you shout for this or that – a towel not folded correctly or your job you hate – I’m sick of it and the worst part is that when you’re not with me you look happy and fulfilled. Like I was the source of your troubles.

You know Hugo, I gave, oh yes I gave and you know it. I gave you my energy, my love, I did everything – and I mean everything – for you : I’ve worked on my jealousy to give you a break, I’ve worked on my endless complaining so that you needn’t hear it anymore, I’ve worked on myself as a whole to make you happy. But no, that isn’t enough for mister-I-demand-perfection. I beg for your pardon fair Prince, but I went all in, I don’t see how I could possibly top it.

However, now that I’m slowly but surely removing my blinkers, one thing’s for sure : you have miles to go before even reaching my level. You’re more in intense regression mode such as taking me for granted and not putting in any more effort. It doesn’t work that way with me Sweeheart. There are plenty of fish in the sea and I’m starting to think I’ve been idealizing you.

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I know, you hate it when I talk about us to my friends when we’re not doing well. But the thing is I feel a bit lonely and shitty hiding when I need to cry, and you have no right telling me what I can, must or shouldn’t do (that’s good, I finally got that after eight years of living together and two years of marriage, bravo me!). So yes, yesterday I cried in front of Matt and Sandy. Yes Hugo, yesterday I fell apart… Ooooww, bad girl right? Weak little creature, crying in front of outsiders, shame on me right? Well shame on you actually, for being unable to comprehend that the human being has emotions that sometimes need to get out, especially when you live with someone who get’s his kick out of poking open wounds.

This letter made me feel better even though it will change absolutely nothing, seeing as you already know all this. Writing got me to think a great deal though…

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