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Saddest goodbye letter : how to make someone cry in a goodbye letter

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Saddest goodbye letter : how to make someone cry in a goodbye letter

How to make someone cry in a goodbye letter ? Conveying your sadness through words is tricky, so in case you were wondering how to make someone cry with a letter, here is one of our saddest goodbye letters to help you find inspiration.

Goodbye letter : you were a wound time has healed…

I hadn’t thought about you for several days, I haven’t talked to you for several weeks and I haven’t missed you like I used to for several months. They say time gives you perspective. Time alone possesses the power to help you move on, to heal your wounds and heartaches, to turn your back on what must be forsaken, to forget. But today is a special day. Today, even though I wasn’t thinking about it, it all came back, as if etched in my memory like an undying souvenir.
Today is your birthday. But we won’t be celebrating together. Neither today nor in the years to come.

Because you made a choice. And I am not, nor will I ever be, part of the life you chose.

I still think about it but it’s less painful now. I think about it less and less in fact, it’s just a feeling that comes back sometimes, an emotion I still can’t quite control, the reminiscing of some buried memories that accidentally wander through my mind. Because today is a special day, I’m thinking about you. Other times, I don’t see any particular reason as to why your image appears before my eyes, as if you were there. I don’t know why. Maybe simply because our story will forever remain unfinished. Maybe because it was mainly a fantasy. Maybe because it will always be associated with regrets. Probably a mix of all of that, yes.

These feelings, these emotions, will always be here somewhere even if they can’t hurt me, can’t overrun me anymore. And don’t occupy every minute of my thoughts.

You are part of my past, of my story, of my life. Forever.

But I know now that you will not be there in the future. That we simply have none together. That our paths run parallel to each other and their chances of crossing again are thin. Except if you decide so, but I know you won’t. Not anymore.

You took too many chances, played with fire, almost lost yourself on the way. Lost everything even, you might think. You comfort, your daily routine, your certainties. For a life where nothing is taken for granted? For too complicated an existance? That’s probably what you thought about, that’s probably the reason for your giving up.

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We are such opposites after all, would our story even have made any sense?

Could we have really lived a beautiful love story? The kind you remember for the rest of your life? That accompanies you forever?

There has been so many doubts between us, so many tears, disagreements, and most of all so many regrets. I feel that’s what defines our story most. I don’t know if these regrets will last forever, I just don’t know anymore. Maybe they too will forever be part of me as they are of our story, buried in a corner,  lost between my mind and my heart.

And then… You must face reality. You seem to have forgotten me, maybe not quite, maybe not completely, but enough for me not to feel waited for anymore. You seem to have chosen a straight and well tended path for your life, a path on which I have no place, a path that suits you.

Fulfilled, happy? I couldn’t say, we never know with you, you hide such things. But I have to accept the fact that it’s none of my business anymore. Your mood, your plans, your joys and your dismays, your smiles and your tears, all that you now experience far away from me. You advance in an existence that has become like foreign to me, but it’s for the best. For you. For me. For us both.

It was about time I stopped waiting in vain, hoping against hope, suffering in silence. It was about time I became aware of it and decided not to be the victim anymore.

Love can be as devastating as it can be exhilarating, to be in love is to have the power of withstanding the worst of pains, to survive daggers through your heart.

The power of transforming us into a whole other person, of losing ourselves. Of deleting any sensation, save impatience and hope.

It’s like sinking through a parallel universe, a chimerical universe. Of which you must try to escape. And it took a long time but I managed to. I left you behind and escaped. I sometimes run into you in thought, feeling or in dream. But it does’t hurt as it used to. Sometimes I even smile at the memories.

I will always miss you a little, I will always be nostalgic of our complicity and of the regrets of what could have been, but I move on without you. I’m able to smile again. To imagine my life differently. To convince myself that the place next to me is made for an other. To create more memories. To experience new emotions.

And I hope to look to the future, soon.

And simply to love. To love a man who will look at me in wonder. Like I was magical. Like I was unique. The way you looked at me a long time ago. Except that he will look, with me, to the future.


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